Christmas Moment 2014

I know. It’s time to put away Christmas stuff and move on with the New Year. I’m going to do it either tonight or tomorrow. I also want to thank all the kind and thoughtful people who sent us Christmas cards and photo cards in December. The boys helped me in putting them around our Jesse tree in this photo. We love reading and gazing on them!


It’s our first time to make a Jesse tree. I’m so happy that… read more »

Breast Cancer Society and its Hopes for women fighting BC

In our small world of heartbreak and friendship, of tears and laughter, and of sickness and recovery, it is most important to understand how interdependent we are on each other for survival, growth, and happiness. This concept is brought to the fore even more when a loved one is inflicted with a disease and is suddenly in need of our constant care. Today, there are many organizations that aim to assist and to alleviate the hardships of those suffering from… read more »

Calendar time in December, November, October and January

We’re almost to the end of the second quarter in our homeschooling. We had some sick days in the first week of January and also, Mama teacher has to take it easy as she needs to recuperate after her surgery.


Here’s what our calendar time look like in December.

It’s been my fourth week now after the surgery and the doctor said I can start lifting things. I’m glad I didn’t have to worry so much in washing laundry and… read more »

Dressing Up a Trailer With Accessories

There are many ways that people can customize trailers but they are not often thought about. Many automobile owners take the time to change a few things to make the car or truck reflect their personality. This is not as common with trailers but it can be done just as easily.

Ways to Customize Trailers

One way to customize trailers is by finding add-on to make some minor changes. You do not have to completely change the entire trailer to… read more »

Molding Chocolate candy into Three Magi

I really enjoyed making chocolate candy out of a mold set lately. I am newly inspired to try this to form meaningful candies for us to eat in Christmastide. For us, we follow the traditional date for the feast of Epiphany which is tomorrow, January 6th. I made this so we can enjoy more in celebrating the big Feastday.


I remember melting candy melts the first time a couple of years ago. I first tried the heated pan method and… read more »

Programming Creative juice for holiday vacation

With the Holiday vacation on our heads, some of us just want to unwind from our busy works and just bond with our family and loved ones. Yeah, set aside that laundry and cleaning stuff for a while and just relax. Also, there are some people who just want to get their creative juices going. There’s nothing wrong with either relaxing or just do more creative stuff as long as you are enjoying your vacation days, right?

I talked to… read more »

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Mel-blog-author Mel is the Mom to two boys. She started blogging since 2008 and loves to take pictures, read and write. She's been writing about her adventures on homemaking, art crafts and more. She does product review and giveaways.

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