Winner of the Lionel Santa Fe train set

One November afternoon, my husband took my kids and I to an annual open house to see a large collection of train sets in our area. It was my first time to see one and it’s their second time to visit this annual show. It was so kind of them to run the show for FREE to the public.


There was this one particular house that has a very impressive display of train sets in their attic. What’s so cool… read more »

Winter weather advisory and driving safety

It was this Sunday that I read in the news that Winter Storm Juno is going to hit the Northeast coast of US. For two days, it has been very gray and snowing outside. Today, our local news is saying that we are under “Winter Weather Advisory” until Friday. We will also have a couple of days that the temperature is going to drop to single digits to zero Fahrenheit.

It’s important to be ready at all times during winter… read more »

Happy Birthday Daddy

Look at the big smile of our Birthday celebrant this month. It’s so good to see him so happy. It sure is different feeling this time because even though our celebration was small, it was memorable, because the kids were more expressive in their birthday greetings to their Daddy.


Here’s Little G and his Daddy. Both him and his little brother, are like tails of their Daddy or they like to follow him when he’s around our house. They love… read more »

Nurse dream and career

Many people these days dream to become a Nurse. Nurses are one of the highest paid professionals here in US. The US nurses are still known as advanced and high-tech nurses in the whole world. I still dream to become one someday. It would be a great help to my family, especially when my kids get to college. It’s not really an easy road to become one especially if you are a Foreign RN. I for one, still need to pass an English Speaking Language exam and the CGFNS exam read more »

Christmas Moment 2014

I know. It’s time to put away Christmas stuff and move on with the New Year. I’m going to do it either tonight or tomorrow. I also want to thank all the kind and thoughtful people who sent us Christmas cards and photo cards in December. The boys helped me in putting them around our Jesse tree in this photo. We love reading and gazing on them!


It’s our first time to make a Jesse tree. I’m so happy that… read more »

Breast Cancer Society and its Hopes for women fighting BC

In our small world of heartbreak and friendship, of tears and laughter, and of sickness and recovery, it is most important to understand how interdependent we are on each other for survival, growth, and happiness. This concept is brought to the fore even more when a loved one is inflicted with a disease and is suddenly in need of our constant care. Today, there are many organizations that aim to assist and to alleviate the hardships of those suffering from… read more »

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