Blinds: How This Industry Has Quietly Become Technologically Advanced


The technology magazines are beside themselves at the latest tablets, phones – even thermostatic devices (well, the one released by Google anyway). It means that there is little room for any other devices to emerge and as such, some go completely unnoticed. As you’ve probably already guessed, we’re focusing on blinds right now.

Blinds and technology might seem like one of the biggest miss-matches you’ve even heard of. However, if you have been part of the industry, you’ll know exactly… read more »

Postcard from Locks of Love

A few days ago, I received a beautiful postcard from Locks of Love. I feel excited that one of their recipient will benefit from the hair that I sent to them.

This is my first time to do a hair donation to them. I wasn’t even sure if they will accept my hair. They have their standards in checking the quality of hair. I’m relieved to know that they finally received it. Smiles.

Before mailing, I went to the Locks… read more »

Use The Right Fitness Equipment To Achieve Your Health Goals

All the Fitness Equipment in the World…

If you were to stack all the fitness equipment in the world on top of each other that structure, though extremely unstable, would most likely make it to the moon and back. The right fitness equipment can make a difference when it read more »

Why It’s Curtains for Homes with Pets and Drapes

For decades curtains used to be most of our window treatments of choice. They were seen draping across the majority of windows across the country and for a long time, there were no qualms about this.

Then, came the influx of blinds. These are products which are regarded as being much more versatile when compared to curtains, so the market gradually shifted because of this. In terms of the typical pet owner, as the bulk of this article is targeting,… read more »

Winner of the Lionel Santa Fe train set

One November afternoon, my husband took my kids and I to an annual open house to see a large collection of train sets in our area. It was my first time to see one and it’s their second time to visit this annual show. It was so kind of them to run the show for FREE to the public.


There was this one particular house that has a very impressive display of train sets in their attic. What’s so cool… read more »

Winter weather advisory and driving safety

It was this Sunday that I read in the news that Winter Storm Juno is going to hit the Northeast coast of US. For two days, it has been very gray and snowing outside. Today, our local news is saying that we are under “Winter Weather Advisory” until Friday. We will also have a couple of days that the temperature is going to drop to single digits to zero Fahrenheit.

It’s important to be ready at all times during winter… read more »

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