Course 4 Wilton Cake decorating – 1st and 2nd day Update

I really enjoyed taking this course the most out of the 4 Wilton Cake decorating classes. It was about Advanced Gum Paste Flowers where I learned how to create delicate and lifelike flowers.


Michaels in Lakewood NY offered it last month and they are offering it again this month for those who live near the area and wants to take this class.


On the first Wednesday class, I learned how to wrap a florist wire with a florist tape. It’s… read more »

Five Great Ways to Transform a Shirt for Summer

Some people enjoy a lot of talent when it comes to creating something new out of another item. Those people have a skill that can make intimidating projects look easy. For others, however, the three letters “DIY” can strike fear in their hearts. If you fall into the second category, rather than the first, don’t despair. You could try designing your read more »

Our First day of School

Everybody is showing their First day of School pictures. We have one too! Here’s a little peak of our Homeschool room. It’s not yet full of decorations but we like it that it is white, and bright on all four corners of the room except the carpet which is light brown.


We have the basic materials we need like study tables and chairs, chalkboard, whiteboard, felt board and bulletin board. We’re doing another Kindergarten school year for my oldest and… read more »

Ozeri Green Earth 10 inches Pan review

I have reviewed a few of the Ozeri pans in the past. I must admit, I really love using their pans. I also take good care of it after I use them as I want it to last a long time. I also have an idea that if ever we have guests in our house, I would like to pull out pans that are attractive and not too shabby when I’m cooking.


I know, I can be crazy in choosing… read more »

Wilton Cake decorating Course 3 – 1st and 2nd Day Update

I took the course 3 Wilton cake decorating classes in July. It’s about Fondant and Gum paste and how to apply them to create shapes, borders and flowers. I took it in Michaels in Lakewood, NY. They arranged four Wednesdays with 2 hours each to complete this class. They arranged it that way so that you have time to practice the techniques at home every 6 days.


This is the finished Calla Lilies I made after I learned how to… read more »

Sungrabbies Sundancer hat review

I really like the fabric quality and style of this new hat. The fabric is not so thin and not so thick that it will keep your head cool and non-sweaty. It’s just the right thickness for the head/scalp to feel some air when wearing it.


My brother in law, who is a devoted gardener, teased that this is for “I’m officially not a Redneck person”. I laughed. But it’s true though when you’re not used to gardening, you don’t… read more »

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