Travel to Rome with family and friends

Have you considered to travel to Rome, Italy someday? My husband and I are hoping that someday we, too, could explore this beautiful city. As we all know, it is the Capital city of Italy. This world-renowned city has lots of beautiful cityscape and landscape to offer. It’s richly adorned with many exhibits and architecture that influenced the arts and culture to other cities of Italy.

Rome is an exciting place to visit with family and friends. Adult kids will… read more »

Wilton Cake decorating Course 3 – 4th day Update

I have fond memories when I took the course 3 classes in Wilton cake decorating. I love that the flowers I made with gumpaste really turned out what I want them to be. For some reason, it’s easy to manipulate gum paste than butter cream. I learned that it really helps that you will be able to make many flowers after you take each day of the class.


Here’s the final cake I made in the course 3 class.


I… read more »

Wedgees eyeglass retainer review

It’s important to keep your eyes comfortable when wearing glasses especially prescription glasses. If you’re using sunglasses, you will want to position it where your eyes will be protected from the sun. You will not want to put more pressure on your eyes to see because your glasses is drooping or sliding down to it’s proper place which is on top of your nose (note, not the tip).


My husband always like to wear his prescription eyeglasses. His family always… read more »

Fun activities for homeschool

In homeschooling, there are times that it gets done very quickly. Your child might ask for more things to do other than answering textbooks. There are days that it may be slow and your kids might just need an activity boost to start schooling. I am so glad I found free downloadable printables that I can turn into enriching activities for my kids.


Here is little G lacing up one of our letter of the week theme. He said he… read more »

Yoplait Greek yogurt review

It took me a while to really like to eat yogurt the first time. I thought it taste like medicine and that it’s sour, but as I venture myself to eat different flavors and felt motivated that it has nutritional content, I came to really like the greek yogurt the most. I became curious of the Yoplait #tasteoff reviews in the internet one day.


To my surprise, Yoplait replied to one of my tweets and invited me to do a… read more »

Calendar Time in September

One of the new things we added in our homeschooling this year is the calendar time. I bought two new large cork boards. One for my kindergartner to tell the date, days of the week, weather, time, temp and season. The other board is for the fun poem and scripture reading worksheets that he did every week and for the themed worksheets that my preschooler has worked on.


Here’s little G smiling and preparing to answer his calendar time worksheets.… read more »

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