ZooShoo Bootie Review

I love this new bootie I got from ZooShoo! This one is unique from my other shoes because it has a touch of vintage style in it, like it has this folded cuffs. I also like that it has double stitch detailing. It makes it comfortable and durable to wear outdoors!


This shoes are very nice to wear on Spring weather. It has soft and fuzzy inner lining that it’s warm and comfortable to wear. It’s made of synthetic leather… read more »

Scotch Thermal Laminator Review

I love using this laminator to laminate my manuals in cake designing. I almost thought of buying one that is $30 bucks more than this one but I’m glad I settled on buying this after reading mixed reviews. It’s a great tool for homeschoolers as well for it can laminate lessons for your kids, your own recipes and in preserving kids precious drawings and more!


Here’s what I really like about this laminator:

Shirts That Go Review

My kids are so excited to wear their helicopter shirts from Shirts that go! They like to play with their helicopter toys and for them it’s cool that they get to wear a shirt with helicopter print too. I am impressed of the print as it has realistic vehicle pictures than cartoon vehicle pictures.


I admire people who are very creative in their artwork in the computer. My husband likes to do graphic pictures in the computer too. When I… read more »

Eureka Airspeed Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

I’m loving this new vacuum cleaner we got a few weeks ago. I almost tempted my husband to buy the Dyson brand which was $100 more than this one but I’m happy that we got this Eureka brand. It says it’s better than Dyson but I can’t really compare because I haven’t had a Dyson vacuum cleaner.


The old one we got was a Bissel and it is $100 less than this Eureka. The reason we got the Eureka is… read more »

Koolertron Canvas Leather Hiking Backpack Review

The sun is up at last! Don’t we all love the Spring weather? I felt so good and I’m very happy especially that I got a this new backpack where I can pack my things before going to the gym or just for long walks outside with my family.


This is the side view of the bag.

It’s comfortable to bring this backpack than a tote or handbag purse, for safety in the public and that I don’t have to… read more »

Pork Wonton & Shumai Dim Sum

I made this delicious tiny treats a couple of weeks ago. I was able to buy commercial wonton wrappers and a bottle of sesame seed oil with the ground pork while grocery shopping. I really miss eating this foodies. It’s been a while we haven’t been going to a Chinese restaurant. We’re avoiding it for now that we have a big mission to understand and lose weight under Weight Watchers program.


The wrapper is very delicate if your meat mix… read more »

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