About CGFNS Qualifying Exam.

Hello everyone! Here are the important things for us foreign nurses who wants to work in U.S., to know about CGFNS Exam (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools). I will manage to make this as brief as I can so I will give you my resources where I searched the links and books. If you want to know about their certification program like the application requirements, exam sites and schedule of the exams you can visit their official website .

There are selected states here in U.S. that they require you to have a certification from CGFNS and IELTS in order for you to be a candidate to take NCLEX-RN exam. Like for example, here in Pennsylvania, you have to pass the exam and have a certificate from the CGFNS first and IELTS exam so that you can be a candidate to take the NCLEX-RN exam. And as for me, I took the CGFNS first than the IELTS because it’s quite tough for me to take it first and then next will be IELTS exam. It’s either which you can take first, but take note that if you take one of these exam, it has a certain rule and expiration. They have their guidelines in the Chapter 3 of the CGFNS guide book:

  • If you fail both the CGFNS Qualifying exam and English language proficiency exam, you must retake and pass both the CGFNS exam.
  • If you pass English language exam, but fail the CGFNS exam, you must Retake and pass the CGFNS exam within two years of passing the English Language exam.
  • If you pass the CGFNS exam, but fail the English language exam, you must Retake the English language proficiency exam within two years of passing the CGFNS exam.
  • If you Do not pass the English language exam within two years of passing the CGFNS exam, you must Retake and pass both the CGFNS and English proficiency exam.

For the “Design of the CGFNS Qualifying Exam”, it is found in the Chapter five in the CGFNS guide book that:

The Structure of the CGFNS Qualifying Examination is to test your understing of the client needs. The framework of client needs was selected for the NCLEX-RN examination and the CGFNS Qualifying exam because it provides universal structure for defining nursing actions and competencies accross all settings for all clients. Four major categories of client needs organize the content of the examination. The percentage of the Clients needs are as follows:

  • Safe, effective Care Environment (21-33%)
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance (6-12%)
  • Psychological Integrity (6-12%)
  • Physiological Integrity (43-67%)

Other concepts and processes fundamental to the practice of nursing are integrated throughout the four major categories of client needs. These include nursing process, caring, communication/documentation, and teaching/learning. A description of the five phases of the nursing process is included in this chapter if you have purchased the book of the Official study guide of the CGFNS exam.

A few questions on the exam will test factual knowledge or its interpretation. Most of the questions will test your ability to use knowledge in clinical situations. It is important to remember that NCLEX-RN exam tests your understanding of client needs as well.

I also have the benefit to know about their program because I also purchased an “Official Study Guide for CGFNS Qualifying exam”. In this book, they also have more than 1,000 new test questions, Rationales for correct and incorrect answers, comprehensive exams to prepare for the CGFNS and NCLEX-RN examinations.

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