Baby milestone part 13: George is playing the piano

Bravo! George is now 14 months and 3 weeks old.
Boy, he’s an agressive weed like dandelion. He easily reach things that are in the table. He turns the lock in our door knob (wondering what’s next!). He can open the cabinet doors. He can pull out the drawers. He can rip and tear our wallpapers. He eats tiny bits of paper, dust, or anything that’s interesting to him but not us. No wonder why Ace, my little cousin, described his baby brother one day, “That baby is a monster!”. 
As a mom, I understand why George reacts this way. It’s a part of his milestone. Ok, I admit, I have to run and distract his attention to those things that can harm him. Whew! What a job!
Like the one in this video, he’s playing his Dad’s piano. His Dad still felt iffy if he can teach George how to play it. Well, at this stage, we have to explore what he likes. He seem to like playing in this real thing. One day, he can play more harmonius, I hope.
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