Blue Monday #1: Rosary for Papa, Pleasant afternoon

┬áThis is a blue rosary that I hand made for my father. He’s living in Philippines. And I miss him. My good husband taught me how to create the chains and linking one bead to another with the use of an aluminum, missionary and sterling silver wires. I use the missionary wire on this one and my MIL provided the sterling silver with crytals for the center and nickel silver crucifix. This was one of my 2nd batch of making rosary using glass beads. Since, my Christmas box is almost ready to be sent this September 26, I will include this inside. And I hope Papa will like it.
I think I took this picture last Tuesday afternoon. I felt pleasant to see a beautiful sky with clouds like this.
My husband took this picture yesterday when we saw a great blue heron on the other side of the river in Starbrick. Pity we didn’t have a good picture. But it was nice to see a creature that we rarely see this close.
This is my first entry to Blue Monday. More Blue entries here below:

Your Friend, ~Mel Cole~

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8 Responses to Blue Monday #1: Rosary for Papa, Pleasant afternoon

  1. Linnea says:

    Beautiful. I'm sure he will love it. It's very thoughtful of you!

  2. SmilingSally says:

    Your father will be so pleased with this lovely, handmade gift.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Mel! Check out my book giveaway.

  3. LV says:

    A very nice showing of blues today. I sure your Papa will like the rosary. That is such a pretty shade or blue.

  4. Barbara Jean says:

    strikingly beautiful blue!!


    barbara jean

  5. Dhemz says:

    agoy pagka nice kau sa gift sa anak….pila magpahimo yotch? heheheh!

    great entry for BM…mine is up as well!

  6. Donnie says:

    Your Rosary is so beautiful and the workmanship will be so appreciated by your father. What a loving and personal gift it will be for him. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. La says:

    Your father will love this special heart-made Rosary.

    I'm visiting from Blue Monday. La

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