Baby Milestones At 9 Months & Baby Vince

Once our baby learned how to bounce, now that he’s turned 9 months, he has learned how to crawl. He has been enjoying his time lifting his tummy above the ground and uses his hands and knees when crawling. That is his favorite thing to do lately. He wants to get out from his bouncer or the excersaucer. Our baby Vince learned how to say the long “A” vowel sound. He sometimes makes it a funny sound like he’s tickling the back of his throat. Our little babes is growing so fast.



Other Baby Milestones that one should observe for babies around 9 months are:
• sitting up without support and without holding up his body with his hands.
• can hold their bottle.
• bang and shake his toys.
• when they get excited of a toy or a book that you show them, they will grab and taste it.
• wary of people he doesn’t know.
• makes vowels and consonant sounds.
• drop or throw toys on purpose.
• respond to quite sounds.

Has your baby developed these milestones at this stage?

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