Busy Gardening – 2012

This is the garden bed that my husband built 3 years ago. On the second year, I wasn’t able to plant in it because we had a new baby. And for this year, I am reviving it. Two weeks ago, I clean and cultivated the soil inside it as there were lots of dandelions and clumped roots. I used the garden fork and garden spade to take these weeds and clumpy roots out. I made sure to make the ground soft at least 1 and a half feet deep so air can circulate under and there will be more room for new roots to grow.

My bro in law just had his snap peas planted on the ground on the day of Good Friday while I had mine 3 days after. It was quite a busy week as I am helping my husband finish the tax papers. My husband bought new materials for a second garden bed and I have yet to dig up at least 1 feet on the native soil so I can mix the potting mix which can feed the garden bed for 6 months. At the moment, here are a few pictures of my gardening progress.


gardening 2012 Pic 1

gardening 2012 Pic 3

gardening 2012 Pic 4

gardening 2012 Pic 5

And I look forward in harvesting the peas like the ones in this photos I have 3 years ago.

Sugar girl snap peas

Sugar Snap peas.

snow girl snap peas

Snow white snap peas.


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4 Responses to Busy Gardening – 2012

  1. genny says:

    lovely garden…so you do have green thumb, i love to have garden just do not have enough space at home..

  2. Avs says:

    Pila ka bags nga gardening soil imo mahurot ani? an among isa ka bed, muabot man ug 8 bags nga gardening soil…karon pa ko nag tanum ug peas ba. lami jud an dahon ani. mahal bya ang dahon ani ug paliton sa asian market…lami jud mag garden no? ang ako lang problema sa gardening kay muangal akong ilong, daghan man gud kaau kog allergies from nature. kafaet, pero bahal ana kay lingaw jud mg garden!

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