Buzz Lightyear Wannabe

George, our dear toddler still wants to be Buzz Lightyear. Whenever we go to stores, he easily spots where to look for Buzz lightyear toys. The other day we went to Goodwill and he dive in to the toy bin in the toys section, and he found a Buzz lightyear toy that has a missing right wing. I told him I will look for a good toy that is a complete set. And luckily, I found a pair of Buzz and Woody sleepwears, and when I showed it to him he immediately wants to wear it. He said mommy, I want to see a Big Buzz! He was probably referring to the mascots he saw in some Disney Toy Story videos in Youtube. If only I can afford disneyland tickets someday, I could take both of my boys and see a big mascot sized Buzz Lightyear and enjoy the fun in Disneyland. I feel excited of my friends who already took their kids there and they posted lots of pictures in Facebook. They say Florida isn’t that far away from Pennsylvania but I guess one could still travel in a short time via airplane. My 2 Aunts invited us to go to Disneyland this July but I told them that if they give us a free trip, we’ll go. But someday, when the right time comes that both of my boys can enjoy many things, then going to Disneyland will not be just for fun for ourselves but mostly for them.

Buzz Lightyear Wannabe

Here is George in his Buzz Lightyear sleepwear and the wing was from his Halloween Buzzlightyear costume last year. Ain’t he cute?

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  1. Tina says:

    wow your son is so pogito! Buzz Lightyear diay iya favorite..

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