Get Organized – Reusable Storage Containers Packaways Review

I bet that Fall is here, most of you are probably finished on packing your Summer clothing and stuff to your basements and attics. For those who are still working on it (like me), you might want to find a storage box that survives cold winter and that it can protect your things from wet and humid conditions. Perhaps you’re looking for containers to replace the old ones you have that can store your beautiful and seasonal decorations for holidays.

I received 5 variety of Packaways plastic storage boxes to review. First of, I am impressed of how it came in the mail. It was a thin package. When I opened the box, I got more boxes to open! They are meant to be collapsible to save space and opening it is pretty straight forward by just following the folds for instant set-up. It is made of corrugated plastic, which my husband liked, very sturdy and light weight to carry.

This is George, he’s enjoying the space inside the Large Under bed box. I am thinking of using it to store some of his everyday clothing, bed time books and toys. It can be easily tucked under his toddler bed. But on this picture, he gave ideas to his younger brother that this box is a perfect place for hide and seek.


 Yes, hide and seek can be dangerous especially when one them will slide the box under the bed with someone inside the box. So parents, do watch out for your kids. Also, the lid of this particular box can be easily opened, even my one & a half year old can open it without difficulty.


This Under bed box is still a hit which my boys likes to play with. I have to supervise them when they use it.


* Green Tote Box – Nice size box to use where you can keep track of your daily magazines and books to read.

* Blue 12 Gallon Box – Nice size box to keep on the back of your car, in case you need to keep wet or frozen groceries in it.

*  Pink 16 Gallon Box – Nice size box to keep your kids toys and books in place on your living room.

* White 21 Gallon Box – Nice size box to keep your folded, dry & clean laundry in place.

* Green Large Under bed Box – Nice size box to keep your things in place under the bed like sheets, pillow cases, books, and other flat things.


I like the wipe-away end panels where you can reuse it to label and organize your stuff. The handles doesn’t hurt your fingers when carrying the box too.


This is how their Tote container is folded. Very easy to open and carry.


On top of their classic boxes, there are 4 slots where you can easily slip the ends of the flaps into it. It will close your container in place.



This is how to collapse and open your Tote box.

My Packaways

There you have it folks! This is how I used my Packaways containers lately. I used the Tote box to keep diapers for my boys. The blue box for their toys and books. The pink and white box for my clean laundry. And the Green under bed box for George’s stuff that can be easily tucked under his bed. I like the bright colors of this boxes. It gives you an idea to organize with color coding.

Visit their Facebook page here and Like them if you have their boxes or if you liked their product features. How about you, how are you going to use your containers?

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