My Birthday 2012

My birthday celebration is simple this year. I decided to celebrate it in house instead of going out. Though my husband gave me the choice to dine out, I still insisted of having it on our house as I want to try baking a cake and cooking Cordon Bleu. I’ve been baking cake on and off, so I want to take my novice skills to do something new. I found a birthday popper recipe in the internet and I imagined that it will be a fun activity if I do it ¬†with my family. I just bought some Betty Crocker’s devils food cake mix, candy melts and popper sticks. I baked the cake and when it cooled down, my husband and George enjoyed mushing them to crumbs and rolled them to chocolate balls. Melting the candy melts was very interesting. I almost finished the whole bag with no success on melting them. I didn’t know that it is sensitive to water so for the last candies on a small package, I made sure that the bowl is dry and no water on its inside surface.

Here’s the cute birthday poppers. My husband enjoyed pouring white melted candies into the choco balls. I let George help on sprinkling the tiny candy toppings and I designed it a little with those red icing doodles.


I also bought a Betty Crocker’s Red Velvet cake mix and made a two layer cake with 7 minute frosting topped with fresh red raspberries.


The white styrofoam that I got didn’t hold the poppers upright very much. I think it’s because we made the balls in 2 inches in diameter and are heavy to stand upright. I’m glad that I have extra floral foam many months ago, and that it helped in making the poppers stand straight.


I bought a nice Mum flower pot and my husband bought a big pumpkin. I have some gourds and my kids and I got to arrange them on our front porch.


We had a great time together. We have my Mother in law and my brother in law as visitors.


I’m happy to receive presents from my husband, mom in law and bro in law.


And I baked some Chicken cordon bleu too! I should share the recipes in making this poppers and the cordon bleu in the next posts soon.

There you have it folks. My birthday was a month ago, and it’s one of my happiest birthday celebration.

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