Organic SeabuckWonders Natural Skin Care Kit Review & Giveaway (US/CAN)

In the mornings, isn’t it nice to use the skin care products that produce smooth and soft skin after washing your face? Or how about in the evenings, isn’t it nice to use products that will relax the skin of your face and body after long hours of work? It’s like, you will feel at that very instant that you are glowing and that you will feel great contentment to carry the rest of the day or sleep heavenly at night. I know this feeling because I know that my skin is very sensitive to whatever it gets in contact. If it has an unusual reaction, itchiness and dryness after applying certain products, I will feel that I can’t carry the loads or just feeling low whole day and night. You might think I’m over reacting, but it’s true! It is important to really know a particular product that suits your skin and that you will take some patience for your skin to bond with it without any reactions.



I received a nice collection of SeabuckWonders organic products, The Natural Skin Care Program Kit. Thanks SeabuckWonders!

What’s special about this products, aside from being Organic, is that SeabuckWonders contains Sea Buckthorn oil extracts such as the organic sea buckthorn berry oil and the organic sea buckthorn seed oil. Did you know that the plants that produce this particular berries grows from the Tibetan Plateau? It’s a miracle that this plants grow in such a very harsh environment: high altitude, strong ultraviolet radiation, severe cold, scorching heat, and dry and barren soil. It’s amazing that such plants contains essential nutrients that boost beauty and health.

The Natural Skin care program kit contains the following:

  • Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion – I love applying this as a new routine after taking baths in the mornings. My skin feels smooth and more fresh. The scent reminds me that of an orange zest combined with fresh milk. This is not the actual ingredients ok, but it’s mostly a combination of flower extracts plus that of organic sea buckthorn berry oil and seed oil.
  • Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser – After I do my pre-wash routine of wiping off facial foundation or light make up (by wiping it with warm wet facial wipes), I squirt a little of this facial cleanser (just enough to make it lather) on my palms and gently massaged my face with it. I feel the exfoliating granules are scrubbing gently and taking effect. After 3-5 minutes, I washed my face with warm water and pat dry. I noticed the light orange zest scent and I love it. It leaves smooth and soft feeling.
  •  Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream – This is what I applied after using the facial cleanser. I like using it as it is does not leave a greasy feeling. This is also important to apply after washing the face as it seal in moisture.
  • Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum – I just applied this after I used the facial cream for like 10-15 minutes. I also applied it to my neck, hands and arms. I don’t know if it’s ok to do it like after applying the facial cream but I just feel my face so smooth and non-flaky. I can feel the gentle moisture on some parts of my skin where I applied it.
With the ritual of using their cleanser, cream and serum on my face and the lotion for my body, I feel like I’m going to glow all day and sleep good at night. Smiles. I hope you can also check out their Facebook page here, like them and know more amazing wonders of this product, and that you may also get to encounter what other people has benefited using this products on their skin care routines.


I am so excited to host a giveaway for you guys!

Welcome to SeabuckWonders Natural Skin Care Kit Giveaway
Hosted by Hearts Content Of A Mama in behalf of SeabuckWonders

About the prize: One very lucky winner will get 4 items inside the Natural Skin Care Program kit. Giveaway will run until 12/13 at 11:59 am EST, must be 18 years or older to enter.

This giveaway is open to US & CAN residents only!

To enter, just submit your entry in the rafflecopter form below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this promotion. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

Thank you for participating everyone and Good Luck!

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