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Going to Pediatrician appointments makes me excited to take my kids but not for them. George is in the point that he doesn’t like to be hurt and he knows that whenever I tell him that we are going to see the doctor, he finds ways to say an excuse like he says, “No, I’m not going to see the doctor Mommy because I’m not sick”. He thinks that he’s sick everytime they give him vaccination. Poor thing. I try to explain to him that Doctors doesn’t just take care of the sick but also for healthy people to stay healthy. He felt a little better, but when that vaccination moment takes place, he doesn’t like it. But parents has to do what’s right for the kids. We’re there to comfort them.

I don’t know about you guys but do you take notes of your child’s progress every time you take them to their Pedia Appointments? I taking notes of what vaccines, height and weight they have at that moment and I sometimes forget whether their statistics are high or low percentile. Check out this Baby Growth Chart Widget from BabyCalculators. I entered my child’s birth date and gender on the height and weight portion in this widget. It tells how much is the percentile of the weight and height of my kids compared to other kids in their age.

The Baby Height Chart and the Baby Weight Chart will also help you compare how much increase and decrease of height and weight percentile your child has everyday. Let’s say for instance that you notice your child’s height has a decrease in percentile the next day, that is something to think about consulting your doctor.

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