Fun Kitchen & Christmas Goodies

Christmas Day is coming by too fast for me lately. I’m glad to have baked some goodies to my husband’s office mates last week. I am happy to receive my packages earlier this week from my Christmas shopping the other week. I can finally pack my presents for my folks and that I will have no “I owe you’s” this time. This week I’m going to prepare & cook some Pork spring rolls and more Christmas goodies like Cassava cake, fudges wreaths and cookies. We are going to attend a Christmas party this weekend. There will be lots of fun and I hope the weather will be tolerable for us to be on the road. I heard about the news spreading in the internet about meteors falling off the sky by Friday but that I think is just a myth to scare people about it’s irony which is heavy snow. I don’t like heavy snow either but I guess it has to come so winter will leave early too.

And here’s a few of the stuff that I got busy making lately folks. Cassava cake, chocolate and white fudge wreath and some cookies (that’s not in this picture).


I am impressed of my first cassava cake. It is delicious and non-greasy.


A cheesy cassava cake.


Made some White fudge wreath with chopped walnuts and dried cranberries.


Same as how to make white fudge but you need milk chocolate and butterscotch to turn it into chocolate fudge.


The chocolate fudge bars with red and green candied cherry.

white-fudgeAnd a white fudge to turn into a wreath. It has chopped walnuts and dried cranberries.

Oh these are simple ingredients, alright. Will share more about each of them on my next posts. I promise, it’s super easy. It will make great gifts or Christmas goodies exchange with your friends.

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