Weight loss tactics.

So what are the best ways to lose weight? An extreme weight loss diet to lose a stone in two weeks? A diet that you will be on for life? Exercising 7 days a week for hours on end?  All of these methods will aid weight loss but which is most effective?

Extreme diets are a good quick fix and you can lose a lot of weight in a short period of time but it is a big sacrifice as often the diets are very limiting both in food choice and quantity.  They are really hard to stick to and often can have unpleasant side effects.  The biggest down side is that often once you have lost your weight and go back to normal eating you then put all the weight and often a bit extra straight back on!

Exercise is always recommended as a great way to help with weight loss.  Cardiovascular exercise such as running and cycling will help burn fat and eventually increase your metabolism allowing your body to burn calories more quickly.  Weight work and stretching based disciplines such as pilates and yoga will help tone your body and increase your muscle ratio which will increase your metabolism.

A lifelong weight loss plan such as Dukan diet or Weight Watchers is the best option for successful and prolonged weight loss coupled with a sensible exercise plan.  A healthy diet plan that is easily integrated into your everyday life and is realistic to maintain especially in the long term is the most successful as you are less likely to fall off the diet wagon and binge.  Diets that offer you a range of food and unlimited amounts are often the most successful, to be able to snack on foods throughout the day without having to worry that you will reach a limit on the amount of food you are allowed is one of the key reasons people can succeed on diets.  The Dukan 100 foods includes a lot of meats, fish and some low fat dairy options which give you a great range of foods to snack on as and when needed.  There is a good variety of food on the list so making interesting and tasty meals is simple.

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