Post Travel Itinerary: Waiting For Our Plane In Chicago

One of our flight stop overs is at┬áChicago O’Hare International Airport. We took an Embraer 50 passenger jet via American Airlines from Pittsburgh to get to Chicago International Airport. We arrived at the domestic airport area first and we took a 10-15 minutes ride of a train shuttle from Chicago Domestic airport to their International airport. I remember I put Vince in a single umbrella stroller and George was walking beside me. We passed a couple more domestic terminal gates then I asked a costumer service person on how I can get to the international airport. She then instructed me take an elevator and go up one floor, and find the bridge that will take me to their train shuttle terminal, and wait for the shuttle that will take me to the International airport. We rode to one of the train shuttles and for just a second, I was able to see the Chicago City Skyline. It was beautiful because the scene was about sunrise over the famous city. Too bad I’m busy hanging on to one of the train’s poles and I can’t bring out my camera. We arrived at the International airport and I went to the Korean Airlines booth. We waited for 2 hours for them to open because Chicago is one hour behind Pittsburgh. They issued us new Boarding Tickets with Korean Air in it and they also gave us the gate number where we are going to wait for our plane. The personnel was gentle to me and he even asked on what kind of food shall they serve for my kids. The choices were spaghetti and pizza and I asked if I can take both, and so they did for each of my 2 kids. We strolled towards our gate number and we saw lots of commercial booths selling stuff like souvenirs, chocolates, wines, etc. I saw the price and they are expensive and I’m glad I wasn’t tempted to buy anything. Laughs. But I did bought some snacks for the boys.


Here’s my two boys at the Korean Air Gate waiting area.


George saw a huge view of Boeing 747 airplanes and other airplanes outside that glass window. He was so excited. He loves airplanes.



This is the Boeing 747 from Korean Air that took us from Chicago, USA to Seoul, Korea International Airport.

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