What to do with your maternity wear post-pregnancy?

As any woman who is pregnant or has ever been pregnant will know, buying maternity wear doesn’t come cheap. Shopping for maternity clothing means shopping for items that you will wear for a few months and will then possibly never want or need to wear again! Yet you still end up having to pay a small fortune for them.

Unfortunately, if you want to be comfortable during your pregnancy, buying maternity wear is essential. However, there is no need to let these clothes go to rack and ruin after you have had your baby, as there are a number of options available to ensure that your maternity wear doesn’t go to waste.

Some of your options when it comes to your old maternity clothes

There are various options you may want to consider when it comes to your old maternity clothes. This includes:

Hang on to them: You may decide that you want to hang on to your maternity clothes depending on what your plans are. If you are planning to have more kids in the near future, it may be worth keeping them. Of course, if you have no intention of having another baby, then there is little point in hanging on to them.

Give them to a friend or relation: You may have a close friend or family member who has recently discovered she is pregnant, or is planning to get pregnant. If so, you may want to consider passing the clothes on to her.

 Selling your clothes: If you are thinking about getting rid of your maternity clothes, why not make a bit of cash? Even if you don’t want to keep the clothes and don’t know anyone who wants them, there is no point letting them go to waste. Just Google “sell my clothes for cash” and you will see sites like Music Magpie where the process is made easy for you.

 Donate to charity: Charity shops are always on the lookout for clothes, including maternity wear. If your maternity clothes are in decent condition, you could consider donating them to your local charity shop.

 Transform your maternity clothes: If you’re a dab hand with a needle and cotton, you may be able to make a few changes to your maternity clothes to make them suitable for wear as standard clothes. This won’t be possible with all clothes, but there may be some clothing that could be suitable for everyday wear with a little work.

 All of these methods will help to ensure that the money you have spent on your maternity clothing doesn’t go to waste, as well as making sure you do not end up throwing away perfectly good clothing.

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  1. Lisa N. McGee says:

    Transforming your maternity clothes is one good idea. You just need some alterations maybe and you can make use of them again. I gave away my old maternity clothes to some relatives.

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