KickboardUSA Mini Kick Scooter Review

My boys and I are super excited when these scooters from KickboardUSA arrived in our house. It was securely packed in big boxes and everything inside are intact. When we opened it, there were two pieces that needed to be installed. I’m glad the manual came with it. I read the directions and illustrations on how to mount the handlebar into the hole where it will be clamped into the deck of the scooter. I’m happy to know that the handlebar is so easy to install and that it can be taken out easily for space saving storage. Before using, you will need to tighten the screws to make all parts intact. This is my first time to let my boys ride on scooters and it’s always important to check everything is good and that they put on helmets before using them.

KickboardUSA has many styles of scooters and kickboards to offer. Their kickboards are usually designed with 3 wheels in them for great stability and control. If you’re already professional and speedy in using it, they also have the 2 wheeled scooters designed for adults. They have the coolest colors that you and your kids will like. Your kids ages 1 to 5 can either use the mini 3in1 or the mini micro. Your kids ages 6 to 11 can use the maxi kicks. Even you and your teenagers can either use the 2 or the 3 wheeled kicks for adults that can hold your weight. They have the latest style Micro Luggage Kickboards for frequent air travelers to move fast in airports. Micro-mobility is the Swiss company that designed these awesome kickboards. Check out their Facebook Page here. Don’t forget to like them to see more cool photos and to get hold of their cool contests and promotional discounts.

Check out this short video above about kids using their kick scooters in Central Park. It’s inspiring to see little Tots riding like pros with their kickboards. My little G and little V are so jealous seeing this video.


This is my Little G trying out his Orange mini kickboard in the YMCA gym. He loved going round and round the huge basketball gym.


Little G posing with his new kickboard.


Oh look at that, little V also joined his big brother in using the kickboard. Little V is only less than 2 years old and he hasn’t quite get the idea yet on how to use his scooter. Sometimes he falls down (thank God for helmets) and sometimes he’ll just push it on its own. But if he sees his brother more frequent on using scooter, he will eventually have no difficulty in using his own scooter very soon.


Thank you Kickboard USA! They are so kind to donate two Orange mini kick scooters for my boys to try.

I have seen many kids in our neighborhood riding their kick scooters especially in the nearby skate park. I hope spring will be nice and dry so my boys can enjoy using their kickboards outdoors very soon.

Here’s my short video clip of my two boys and their first time to try scooters. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this promotion. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

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11 Responses to KickboardUSA Mini Kick Scooter Review

  1. looks like your little guys had fun

  2. Marina says:

    Nice scooters for the two little kids. Hope George and Vince liked it.

  3. jheylo says:

    this is really cool mami mel. you got two. you gave me an idea 😀 my kids love their kickboard scooter too 🙂 they’re riding it indoor and outdoor

  4. Michele says:

    Scooters have sure come a ling way since I owned one as a child (over 50 years ago!)-Back then they came in metal with 2 wheels only. I sure could have used that third wheel!!

  5. It looks like your boys love their mini scooters. They are very cute.

  6. Cyndie says:

    Looks like the boys had fun! My son would love to have a a toy like this!

  7. Nova says:

    wow! what a lucky you, to get two scooter from a very generous company for a review. i am sure your kids enjoys the fun of riding those amazing scooters. it looks great and they are happy to have them

  8. Awww, it is so nice that both of them has one. Laki na ni George ano sis. This would be one of the many that your boys will enjoy this summer.

  9. Your sons are so cute and they really like their scooters. It is perfect to play outside specially when the weather started to get warm!

  10. Erin says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Your sons are super cute, looks like they had a blast trying them out!

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