Flowers In My Garden

Two days ago was the peak of Spring in my garden. I have seen lots of activity in my flower garden. It’s good to see my daffodils and some of my tulips back many weeks ago. I suspect that the bunnies ate some of my tulips as they show up lesser and lesser each year. I’m happy to see my creeping phlox are in its full blooming period. I can see shades of pink, purple and white in my front yard. I didn’t do very much on them this year like early feeding in March. I just took my time to clean the weeds around them so they won’t have a competitor when it comes to water. I also see the bleeding hearts are coming out. We inherited a nice tall bush of lilacs in our backyard. It’s scent is lingering every time I explore my backyard.  It’s a nice feeling to see flowers surrounding my home lately. How about you, do you take care of your flower garden too?


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5 Responses to Flowers In My Garden

  1. jheylo says:

    wow! your garden looks like a little paradise 🙂 i bet you took care of it really good because they all look healthy and beautiful flowers

  2. joy h says:

    I love your selection of flowers mommy! i really wanted to plant flowers in my garden too. Any tips?

  3. Wow sis you’ve got some beautiful blooms! I love the tulips with a white streak on it.

  4. marie says:

    beautiful Flowers ever I Like the Arrangements I like to have a garden Like this need more taking care.

  5. Liza Barnett says:

    I envy those who have green thumb. I can’t take care of plants, I kill them and I want to have some especially inside our house, I want some greens. Your flowers are beautiful.

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