Eyes Bright With Coastal.com For Family

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Getting the whole family organized for eye doctor appointments then wait for weeks to have everyone fit their glasses back at the doctor’s office, can sometimes cause delay and family time changes. Many families still thrive to do it especially that it’s about eye health and that having new glasses is very important when prescribed by the doctor. Wouldn’t it be nice though if one could just have one trip altogether for eye prescription, and just stay home and buy online the prescription glasses?

I notice this busy schedule every time my husband will have his eye vision and eyeglasses checked by his Optical Doctor. My eyes opened wide when I learned the cost of his glasses is more than $500 bucks because the doctor has to make special lenses for each of his eye vision and he has to create a good frame for it. He also had a feeling that the frame cost more as it is made of silver metal that holds the lenses intact even when kids poke at it or play with it when he’s wearing it. I thought there’s got to be another place to shop for frames if in case it get broken again. Until today, I found out about Coastal.com that they are the largest online retail of eyeglasses and contact lenses within the North America. This is great because shipping will be faster than ordering eyeglasses from China. They have 366 day returns and the prices of their eyeglasses and frames are not really bad though. I like that one can get designer glasses there and that they offer half the price online than what other products in brick-and-mortar stores offer. Here’s some glasses that I thought has a nice fashion style for a girl kid, Mom and a Dad eyeglasses to wear:


  1. Hello Kitty HK219 3 Demi Pink for Daughter
  2. Gucci 2216 LQU Black Dark Ruthenium Aviator style for Daddy
  3. Derek Cardigan 7006 Black Cat’s eye style for Mommy


Check out this Coastal.com video to learn more about them. Don’t forget to visit them online, and follow them in their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page!

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