Fun Darth Vader Costume

You got it right folks, Vader is in our house! This cool kid’s costume is really unique. It was intended for kids 5-7 years old so when my 4 year old wear it, it was loose on the pants. Mommy got the wrong measurements (Darnit). I’m thinking of altering it but he might grow after 5 months. My problem is the mask because it’s too big. Might make or find another mask for him.


Little G wearing Darth Vader costume. You can find one like it at Anytime Costumes online.

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3 Responses to Fun Darth Vader Costume

  1. He looks so cool on that costume sis.

  2. jheylo says:

    What a very nice and cool costume. Looks like he’s all ready for Halloween.

  3. That is one cool costume! I bet he loves it!

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