MTK DVD Knight in Training and Mike the Knight Sword and Shield Review | Giveaway

A few weeks ago,  I announced that Mike The Knight had a brand-new live musical show at Robinsons Mall in Pittsburgh, PA. I wish we made it there but it’s a long drive for us. However, I am so happy that that they sent me three products to review. They also would like me to host a giveaway of the DVD and toy to one lucky reader of my blog!


The Mike The Knight package that we received. Thanks NCircle Entertainment, HIT Entertainment, and Fisher-Price!

About the Mike The Knight In Training DVD:

This DVD has 5 chapters of little Mike’s different knightly missions. My kids loved watching it! What’s nice about Mike the Knight is that he’s a little boy and his missions are perfect for preschoolers (and up) to understand. My 2 year old even imitates him! I like the good values shared in every mission that Mike the knight do. He loves his sister, Mom and Dad and he is so kind to the people including Trolls around their kingdom.


My kids watching Mike The Knight DVD.

About the Mike The Knight Sword & Shield Toy:

This toy set is nice because it’s tip is not sharp but one has to be careful of letting younger kids to use it with other kids as it can hurt, it is made of plastic. My kids love using it and I have to keep my eyes on them. My 4 year old even take this set with him to bed. He said he’s going to fight monsters with it. Ain’t that cute! The bright side about it though is that he’s been going potty at night because he has this sword and shield to fight monsters. So precious!

About the Mike The Knight & The Good Deed Book:

They just included this book because I requested to have one so I’m sorry guys that it’s not included in the giveaway. This book is really nice because it shares the value of “how to help each other and team work” is important for the kids. The story was that Mike and his sister felt competitive to each other because they want their Dad’s Red Scarf. It’s a special scarf that only the one who makes a good deed will earn it. But in the end, they realized that they should’ve  helped each other (instead of being competitive) and work as a team to earn the scarf. Their mother gave them a nice surprise gift for having done such a good deed.

For these Mike The Knight and other items under their brand, you can buy it at ToysRUs online or in an in-store location near you. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about them! Don’t forget to join the giveaway below.

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Disclosure: The Mike The Knight products are being provided to me by Mike The Knight brand for my participation in this blogging/trial program. These items are not intended as payment for any favorable opinions. I’m working with the Mike The Knight brand and that they provided the product for the giveaway to ensure we’re operating within FTC guidelines.

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26 Responses to MTK DVD Knight in Training and Mike the Knight Sword and Shield Review | Giveaway

  1. You can hang out with Mike as he trains to become a knight. And when things go a little wrong – as they always do for Mike! – readers can be knights in training too so you can help him out!

  2. T.h.Ransom says:

    My daughter likes the adventures that Mike the Knight has and I like that he teaches to do the right thing and be fair

  3. dv8 says:

    The series is cute but I don’t like toy weapons for kids.

  4. It teaches kids how to do the right thing and to help others.

  5. Reesa L says:

    My son really liked the show and wants some of the toys.

  6. Lloyd Ross says:

    got 2 of these for my 2 kids and they love them, nice and safe with the foam sword so no tears when they are play fighting.

  7. michele d says:

    My kids love Mike the Knight they watch the show all the time. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  8. Perfect one to have for your boys sis. I bet my little mister would like this too.

  9. Jenny says:

    cute. not something my son would play with but it’s a great idea for any little boy who dreams of battling a dragon or saving a princess ~

  10. Vinma says:

    My son is a Mike the Knight Fan and I am sure he would enjoy these. Thanks for organizing the giveaway and reviewing the products for us 🙂

  11. McDonuts says:

    My kids are not kids that would play ywith this but OMG I love it! lol

  12. Chavonne H says:

    This sounds like fun for young kids especially having a training video that they can relate to and emulate.

  13. Beeb says:

    Aww! I think this looks really cute. I loved Fisher-Price toys as a kid!

  14. Nicole A. says:

    Definitely a good series for children, positive teachings.

  15. Cyndie says:

    I like that it teaches kids to do the right thing

  16. becca says:

    what a great way to teach kids b using a show they like

  17. Thanks for sharing…my kids love Mike The Knight and would love to have some toys, videos, and books to help act out what they see on tv.

  18. My son loves Mike the Knight, he would love if I won this.

  19. coolchillmom says:

    ahhh too cute
    my little ones love the program

  20. I love the way the show teaches positive lesson to children.

  21. Adin B says:

    Awe! That is so awesome. My little man HF loves watching Mike the Knight too. Look at your young ones mommy. They look like they enjoyed their new toys and video.

  22. Adin B says:

    Back here again mommy Mel. You have two adorable Knights. LOL! 🙂 I the Mike the Knights toys too for HF.

  23. Nova S says:

    I’ve watched that show with my son before, and like yours he also enjoy and love it. Unfortunately, they stop creating a new episode in neck and never checked nickjr.

  24. They are the cutest Knights ever.:)

  25. Liza Barnett says:

    I have never heard of this show on TV, I think my kids are too old for this. They love Disney channel or Nick JR

  26. So excited to have won, my son’s birthday is the end of August and he loves Mike the Knight.

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