Circus Fun For Family At Kelly Miller Circus

My family and I had lots of fun when we watched the circus performance by Kelly Miller Circus. It just brought back good old childhood memories in me. I am glad my kids enjoyed the show as much as we do. They are a group of American and International Circus Performers. Our local Fire Department sponsored them to come in our area this year.


This is a few of my photos during Kelly Miller Circus performance.

They got tigers, elephants, camels, dogs, lhamas, zebras, that performed tricks during the show. I am so impressed of how the animals were tamed and that they are such great performers! They also got talented circus performers from Portugal, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and also Americans. We missed the part where 5 tigers were performing and after that we really watched the whole through. My favorite is when the elephants were performing. They were walking gracefully, stand on a metal stool, leaning each other while standing and taking a pose to everyone. It was super amazing! Right now, they are somewhere in Ohio. So you guys there better be watching for it as it is totally awesome!

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4 Responses to Circus Fun For Family At Kelly Miller Circus

  1. Circus is one fun place to watch or visit with kids.

  2. Nova S says:

    Isn’t that fun! It is even to myself, I like circus and those stunts they do. with all those animals and such.

  3. marie says:

    I remember we watch circus at Las Vegas it was amazing they all nice to see when they perform.

  4. I don’t think i’ve ever been to a circus. It’s nice to know you guys had fun!

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