Clearing Stuff And Moving Back After Fire Accident

A house is always in a danger of having a fire accident. This is what I realize after taking a look at my Mom in law’s house after they had a house fire in their kitchen and it affected couple more rooms and left lots of smoke damage in their belongings. I already asked my Mom in law if it’s ok to write about this and she’s ok about it. We hope that this post will help everyone to stay alert and be careful not to have house fire.

It happened the week before thanksgiving that they had a house fire. It began in the kitchen stove when a hot boiling oil in a sauce pan was overcooking egg rolls and the fire spread into their wooden wall behind the stove and it climbed up to the ceiling. My brother in law was with my husband outside chatting before my husband and my kids will head back to our house. I was in our house at that time and my Mom in law was in their living room. When my bro in law came back inside, their kitchen is covered with thick smoke. They called the Emergency fire station right away and after 5 minutes the fire men arrived, the fire already spread into their dining room and black smoke went to the living room and rooms upstairs. The next morning, we went to their house, I thought the damage was small but my oh my, the kitchen, walls and ceilings in the dining room and living room are all black. Some got damaged by the fire and some needs serious cleaning. The plastic smell and other stuff that got burned smelled too strong so we went back to our house. I pity their situation and we offered them to stay in our house until their house will be fixed. I remember one of those huge dumpster like that of dumpster rental Grand Rapids went out for 3 trips to the local landfill, clearing out fire damaged stuff from their house. Until this month, they finally got back most of their stuff inside the house but it’s all in big boxes. It’s sad because there’s not enough space to put a bed, dining table and chairs, and couches. And so I’m busy helping them opening boxes and putting back some stuff to their cabinets. They still need some furniture to put plates with as their china hutch got thrown away. She’s having a hard time of what things to let go at the moment. I just pray their house will be safe by the time they get back.

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