Breakfast Ideas With Christmas Theme

My kids and I had a fun morning the other day while preparing breakfast. We ate cereal with milk and fried eggs first. And I told them we could do a little fun with the pancakes by creating Christmas cutouts.


Well, I’m inspired at Pinterest while searching for fun Christmas activity to do with kids. A lot of people might have been busy ahead of time preparing sweets or colorful cookies but to me, I decided to act slow on that project since we have to take care of our diet. I have done a few dozens of cookies yesterday to tell you the truth, I’m keeping some for us and I’m thinking of giving them away to my husband’s officemates and to our friends. I am also aware of the consequences of adding food coloring to food so I add little amounts to this pancakes to make it colorful and edible. My kids loved helping me with these. I cut out a nativity scene using table knife in the first picture. The kids used a cookie cutter for the man, Christmas tree, star and teddy bear on the second picture. I helped them arranging it in the plate. I used a pancake batter from scratch: 2 cups all purpose flour, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 2 teaspoon baking powder, 2 and a half cups milk (batter should be runny). Mix all ingredients together. For red, I dipped once a toothpick in the red no-taste icing color gel and mixed it in the batter. For green, I dipped once a toothpick in the green icing color gel and mixed in the batter. The yellow doesn’t have any icing color mix in it, it’s just plain batter. Once you pour it in the hot pan (low heat), you don’t have to flip sides. Just wait for bubbles to pop and surface is not sticky when touched. You can serve it with maple syrup. Other ideas is to add bacon, grapes, whipped topping or anything that suits your creativity. Enjoy a Christmas breakfast!

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5 Responses to Breakfast Ideas With Christmas Theme

  1. Aww what a creative way to entice the kids to eat. Great job sis.

  2. Creative stuff which will make children eat it, haha!

  3. I seldom visit pinterest and you are inspiring me..

  4. Nova S says:

    this is very creative for you and the kids to do it. must be very fun, you are right there are so many ideas in pinterest and what’s where i took some ideas when i need something too.

  5. Franc Ramon says:

    These cookies look really perfect for Christmas. It can also do well as a gift.

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