Making A Christmas Advent Wreath

This is my first time to make a Christmas advent wreath. I made it a few days before the second Sunday of Advent. It is 25 inches in diameter after the excitement of adding lots of leafy coniferous leaves in it.


Our family tradition every Christmas is to put up a Christmas tree and a Nativity scene. I tried something new this year which is to put up an Advent wreath so kids will understand why we’re celebrating Christmas. You can find the meaning of the Advent wreath here at EWTN online. What I did to make this is to disassemble an old wreath I bought from Second Chances Thrift store by Humane Society. I got lucky to get an 18 inched round plastic wreath. Usually, one can add floral foam into it and wrap it with foil so your greens will stay fresh but I didn’t do that on mine. Basically, I just add the branches into the slots of this plastic ring. One can use nylon string but I used black thread on securing the greens into the wreath. I tied first the black thread on one corner then I took the roll of thread in and out of the wreath. I added the greens from inner to outer layer. I didn’t add anything at the back since I’m going to position my wreath flat, not hanging. Here’s my pattern below.


After the three layers of flat greens, I added a fourth layer of spruce tree branches. It made it look a little bit fluffy on top which is nice. I don’t have fresh holly berries so I just took out the styrofoam holly ones from my old Christmas decorations. It perked up the final looks of my advent wreath. So simple! I didn’t have to buy the small ones in the store which ranges from $14 to $20 bucks. As for the white candles, yes, they are ok to add in the advent wreath. It’s hard to find unscented colored candles these days. I got those white candles at Big Lots. I just tied purple and pink/rose ribbons around the glass candle holders to signify each Advent Sundays. Now, time to hear Christmas music! Yeah! Merry Christmas everyone!

And oh, one last thing, I didn’t embed the candles into the wreath. I put them in glass candle holders on top of a clay floral pot base. It’s because the greens can dry easily and they can be flammable. It’s safest to put out the candles out after meditations.

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