Opening Of Christmas Presents

I’m so happy to get my kids nice toys this Christmas. They were the items I kept eying in Amazon and in Melissa & Doug that I’m sure they will really like. What I also liked shopping in December is that I see that is doubling the points you’ll get after shopping to online brands. So I saved a lot and at the same time rewarded a lot. Smiles.


The boys received each a Leapfrog tag with books and Melissa and Doug Floor puzzles. They also got a nice hotwheel set from Daddy. They are happy to receive big robots and car toys from Grandma. They received a nice helicopter and tank toys from Uncle. They played all night and the next day they played again. I asked them if they thanked the people and Baby Jesus for their presents. And so they did. Kids always be kids and I’m glad they are not overwhelmed. Mommy is the one who is overwhelmed because the toy bin is already piled up. We need to do some cleaning and donating their toys to Goodwill one of these days.


My happy kids and opening of their Christmas presents.

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