Making Fudge Wreathes And Stained Glass Jello

Happy New Year everyone! Amazing that it’s now the first day for the year 2014. Where has time gone by in 2013? A lot of things has happened but thank God we survived for the New Year, alright? I made two kinds of fudge wreathes and a stained glass/broken glass jello for dinner sweets. Christmas is not yet over in our household as Epiphany is still coming up.


The fudge flavors are made from milk and white chocolates plus butterscotch and walnuts. The chewy candy ornament is a pineapple one but I wish I stick with the original candy ornament for it which is a cherry flavor one. You can find my recipe here: No bake Chocolate fudge recipe and thanks to a good friend of mine, Rowena for sharing this recipe. As for the stained glass or broken glass jello, mommy Lulu inspired me to make one and I asked her recipe. Here’s how:

  • You can use green, yellow, red and orange jello. Other colors are available.
  • Mix each jello with 1 cup boiling water. Cool off and refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • Cut up jellos in small cubes and set aside.
  • Mix 1/2 cold water into two packets of Knox gelatin. Let it stand for 2 minutes.
  • Add knox to 1 1/2 boiling water. Mix well. Add one can condensed milk. Let it cool.
  • Pour over cubed jello. Refrigerate overnight.
  • Slice and serve.

I just used flavored jello from the box. Lime for green, lemon for yellow, and strawberry banana no sugar for red. The white is condensed milk and knoxx unflavored gelatin. This is my first time to make it and I’m pleased of the flavor although the appearance is not so perfect like hers. Smiles. Next time, should set the jello on room temperature before putting it in the fridge so it won’t be very bubbly. The kids and hubby liked the jello very much! There’s also a version of fruit juices of this jello. I still have to try that one of these days when I get a new blender. Have you tried making either of these folks? Let me know if you did if this is your first try. Enjoy everyone!

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