Fun Paper Dalek Model For Kids Craft

Who’s a big fan of Dr. Who? Raise your hands! We have been watching the early series of Dr.Who lately. We have seen quite a few Dr.Who’s and among them are: William Hartnel, Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy & David Tennant.


My kids have been very fanatic of the Dr.’s oldest villains, the Daleks. And so, the Daddy found some free printables online to create their first paper model of the Dalek Red Domed commander. Little G, my 4 year old was able to cut the easy parts of this model. I helped him on the tiny ones that are detailed to cut. He’s so excited of his Dalek to get done and he helped in gluing most of the parts as I supervised him.


Our new HP printer really prints nice graphics on a cardstock. It makes the models more sturdy.


I made the second dalek for Little V, Little G’s little bro. He asked mommy nicely and so mommy didn’t hesitate.


The cut out parts ready to be assembled.


This is little G’s Dalek. He put glue on the neck part to attach the head.


And voila! Little G’s Dalek.

He said he wants to do more versions of the Daleks and the Tardis paper model. We shall see about that.

If you also want to print the free printable and make a paper Dalek on your own, check out this page 1 and page 2. This is what we printed out in the cardstock.

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27 Responses to Fun Paper Dalek Model For Kids Craft

  1. Oh wow, that is super cute and easy, too! I think I might make some with my boys this weekend!!

  2. Ashley B. says:

    I’ve personally never heard of Dr. Who-and I don’t think my kiddos watch it. Regardless, I think this is a great craft!

  3. Lawna says:

    How cool is this! Seems like such a fun craft for all of my boys.

  4. Beth says:

    Um, yes we want to try this! My kids would go nuts over this!

  5. Ashley Gill says:

    My son will so be into this kind of thing when he is a little older. I am sure of it. My husband can’t wait till he is this age so he can do these hands on activities with him!

  6. Arica says:

    What a great project! The boys look so proud of their work! So crafty and cool!

  7. Pam says:

    I’m not a Dr Who fan myself but I’m sharing this post with my friends who are! Thanks for posting.

  8. Terry says:

    My Grandson loves doing crafts and I like anything that keeps him happy and busy. Little G did a great job.

  9. This looks like an easy craft for children and a fun toy to play with. I don’t have any small children right now but I have friends who do. I should share this with them.

  10. Sarah Bailey says:

    They are so cool – I thought they were actual real models in the first picture I have to admit. x

  11. Emily says:

    I’m not sure who that little guy is, but he’s cute! I love crafts that encourage kids to use their fine motor skills.

  12. These look like so much fun. I remember having paper dolls to cut out when I was a little girl and I spent hours playing with them.

  13. We love these types of crafts/toys. They provide us something we can work on together to build and then we get the fun of playing with it. My youngest would love this.

  14. Boys will definitely enjoy with these things. I remember my brother was so into these type of things where “mind” plays a role to a certain game. lol. like crafts, etc.

  15. Melanie says:

    Oh those are fun! haha Dr. Who 🙂 Thats just great, I think I’ll do these

  16. Rachee says:

    I think this is adorable!
    I really wish I were more into Doctor Who because these would make great cup holders or pencil holders .

  17. April says:

    This looks like a really fun, hands on activity. Looks like your boys really enjoyed it!

  18. Erica says:

    I haven’t watched Dr. Who since I was a child. It’s really made a huge comeback though! I love these paper crafts. Just yesterday I bought my 8 yr old a Minecraft paper craft kit for his birthday. So much better than him playing the video game!

  19. Rosey says:

    These kinds of crafts are fun to do with the kids. They turned out cute too. 🙂

  20. Tess says:

    That is adorable! I would like to make this for the kids to do.

  21. Amber Nelson says:

    Now that looks like a lot of fun. We may need to try this.

  22. Dr Who is so popular right now! These would be sure to be fun for the young fans!

  23. Nikki says:

    I totally had to pin this, I have so many friends and family members who are huge Dr. Who fans. What a cool and original craft for kids!

  24. veronica says:

    That looks super cute and very easy to do. My kiddos are a bit old for that.

  25. Le-an Lacaba says:

    How awesome! I remember enjoying cut out like these and assembling them. Definitely perked my mind!

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