Learning Latin

Have you thought of learning some latin terminology? If you like to watch court hearing shows, then you probably got some ideas of the common terminologies used by lawyers. I hear many of this coming from the audios I hear from Theologians. Scholars and Professionals loves to use latin words than their literal words. It’s because they preserve the meaning of word and make it specific or straight to the point.

I remember I felt bored learning latin in the past. I wish I could’ve taken it more seriously by researching in the library, internet and taking a special class. Here’s a wikipedia alphabetical compilation to start learning some latin legal terms and their meanings.

What common latin terms have you heard? I remember phrases like ad hoc meaning for this purpose, bona fide meaning in good faith, mala fide meaning in bad faith and subpoena meaning under punishment. I’m very interested to get a legal term dictionary one of these days. How about you, do you like to learn latin too?


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4 Responses to Learning Latin

  1. Luckily, I’ve learned some words for legal terms during my college days. But actually, on our lives we have to, for the purpose of using it for some other matters. good article for the readers.

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    Some legal terminologies are in Latin so it would really be nice to learn latin.

  3. When my paternal grandparents were still alive, we used to recite the prayers in latin, I have no idea what they meant back then but when I went to college that’s when it all clicked lol.

  4. Jhady says:

    I heard those latin words you mentioned watching Philippines Court hearing on news. I think it is cool to learn them.

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