Auto insurance and other coverage to consider

Automobile insurance takes up a significant portion of the average household’s monthly budget. It is important for consumers to understand all of the mandatory and optional policies available to them. Liability and uninsured motorist coverage must be bought to protect any registered vehicle. However, there are several optional policies in auto insurance. Consumers should carefully consider the risks of not buying optional protection for a car. Collision and comprehensive insurance provide compensation for common incidences that could cost drivers thousands of dollars.

Collision insurance is used to pay for any auto body work that repairs damage related to direct crashes with other motor vehicles or objects. There is a minimum deductible that must be paid by the policy holder before the policy provides any compensation. By choosing the lowest deductible, consumers will have to pay more for the monthly premium for the entire auto insurance policy. Therefore, the right balance should be found between premiums and deductibles for car protection.

Comprehensive insurance gives drivers some peace of mind in the event that freak accidents not involving other cars occur. Vehicles that are parked outside are at risk of being damaged by falling debris such as tree limbs and branches. Extreme weather conditions such as hail, blizzards and heavy rain fall could also cause some minor damage to a vehicle’s exterior. When cars are parked outside, there is a major concern about broken windshields and mirrors. Vandalism by hooligans often involves damaged auto glass. Fortunately, comprehensive insurance gives policy holders enough money for full replacement of windshields, windows, side mirrors and even headlights. Without such protection, drivers would have to dish out hundreds of dollars for custom replacement of auto glass.

Some drivers believe that it’s unlikely for new vehicles to get stuck on the road. The truth is that flat tires, depleted batteries and fuel tanks could happen to any car. Auto insurance policies offer affordable roadside assistance plans that cost only dozens of dollars per year. By contrast, it might cost more than $100 to tow a vehicle for a short distance. Trying to speak to an insurance agent near you is an example of a smart way to seek information about automobile protection. Consumers have the option of talking to auto insurance agents in person as all the optional and mandatory policies can be discussed in great detail.

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