Dress Up Boys and How Ties add New look

My boys always like to imitate their Dad. They want to wear hat if Dad wears a hat. They want to wear a tie because Dad wears a tie. It’s so cute to see the three of them wearing a tie. Smiles.


I haven’t got a nice picture of the three of them wearing a tie yet. But hopefully, one of these days, I will take a picture! I found two (2) nice outfits in Walmart a couple of months ago. They are short sleeve and long sleeve shirts with collar and buttons in the front. It also came with different and dressy clip-on ties. It took a while for my eldest to get used to it but I’m glad he’s not complaining lately. My youngest loves wearing it. He only wants me to take it off before he begins to eat.

As I said in my post title, Ties do add new look. One or two shirts with collar can be washed and worn again and again, in different occasions, by just switching ties.

This is a great idea to dress up boys when going to school too! Not only you can save money in buying clothing but also, you can give your boys smart looks! If you explain to them how handsome, smart and gentleman they look with their outfit, it will help them feel good and they should behave in school.


In the first and second pictures above, both of them are wearing the same long sleeve shirts. The looks changed because of wearing different ties and pants.


They are wearing short sleeve shirts with collar on this one and I like it that they are getting used to wearing black shoes and not the fancy ones. They were $5 each in Walmart. It didn’t came with a tie. The ties were from a different outfit.


Both of them are wearing the same yellow tie and long sleeve shirts. The shoes were from Walmart and I like it that they matched.


They were sliding on a grassy slop in this picture. They were having fun and didn’t get too dirty. Even though they get dirty sometimes, I’m still ok with it. Smiles.

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  1. Supre love that first shot sis, may 2 binata ka na agad. They look good with ties. Nice to see you back again to blogging. Missya!

  2. They look so cute and bubbly – those ties makes a difference indeed!

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