Five Great Ways to Transform a Shirt for Summer

Some people enjoy a lot of talent when it comes to creating something new out of another item. Those people have a skill that can make intimidating projects look easy. For others, however, the three letters “DIY” can strike fear in their hearts. If you fall into the second category, rather than the first, don’t despair. You could try designing your own blank hats or you could give one of the following projects a try:

1.    The Deep Racer-back Tank

This project can be completed in less than ten minutes and is very easy:

·    First, cut off the sleeves; starting about an inch below the arm pit.
·    Follow the seam line around the neck to remove the hemmed piece.
·    At point, hang on to the pieces that you have removed.
·    Gather together the fabric at back of the shirt and use the neckline fabric to wrap around the gathered shirt.
·    You can either use a knot or a safety pin to hold this in place.

2.    The Lace Cut Out Shirt

This project can also be completed, start to finish, in just a few minutes. Create a pattern of a simple shape on a piece of paper. Maybe you’d like a butterfly or a sunburst? Lay your pattern on the back of your shirt and trace around the pattern with some tailor’s chalk. Next, cut out the fabric, leaving a cut out in your chosen shape. Line the cut out with your favorite piece of lace. You can stitch the lace in, glue it in place, or use some iron on magic.

3.    The Workout Shirt

This project is very similar to the Deep Racer-back Tank. Remove the sleeves, the neck, and this time, also the hem around the bottom of the shirt. With the back facing up, gather the fabric of the back into a small, tight area. Use the remnants from the bottom of the shirt and the neck to wrap around and around the gathered area at the back. Tie this off, use a safety pin, or stitch it into place. You may want to cut the front the shirt a little bit higher than the back to give your shirt a little more personality.

4.    Spray Bleach Images

For this project, choose a solid colored shirt. Create a basic outline or shape of a meaningful picture, such as symbolic shapes, a prominent landmark, or your favorite animal on stiff paper or cardboard. Spread the shirt out flat and lay the image where you would like it to be. Spray bleach on the shirt, focusing on the edges of the cardboard shape you’ve created. Use some care to prevent the bleach from getting under your template. Remove the cardboard shape. Rinse out the bleached shirt in cold water and then run it through a wash cycle.

5.    Shoulder Bows

Finally, this quick and easy project will leave you with simple bows just below your shoulders.  Start by cutting along the seam where the sleeve meets the shirt and cut from the top of the shoulder about two inches down. Next, remove the bottom hem from the shirt. Cut this fabric into pieces about two inches long. Gather the sleeve from your cut to the bottom of the sleeve and use the two-inch piece to keep this gathered in a bow. Use a good fabric glue to hold the bow in place. Maybe you’d like to stick a bow on one of those customizable hats!

These five projects are quick and easy ways to transform your tired old shirts into something fun for your many summer adventures. So grab your scissors and a good fabric adhesive and create something awesome out of the old shirts hanging in your closet.

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10 Responses to Five Great Ways to Transform a Shirt for Summer

  1. Crystal says:

    These are great projects! I’ll have to see if I’ve got any summer shirts in my closet that need a pick-up! Thanks!

  2. Erin says:

    These are super fun ideas! I am totally trying to bleach thing.

  3. Thanks for all of the neat suggestions, I didn’t know there were so many great ways to transform shirts for summer.

  4. cindy says:

    cute ideas ** but no way to pin this to my crafts board

  5. Kendra says:

    Wow you have a lot of ideas to change a shirt! Great ideas!

  6. I love the Shoulder Bows idea! I think I’ll be stashing away a couple of tired, old shirts just for that purpose for next summer!

  7. Great tips! I have few t-shirts I’ve been thinking to transform. So this came just in perfect time!

  8. What clever suggestions. I like the bow suggestion, sounds very nice.

  9. I would love to try the shoulder bow, looks fun !

  10. Danielle says:

    How creative I have few old shirts that I wouldn’t mind revamping with a few of these great tips.

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