Fun activities for homeschool

In homeschooling, there are times that it gets done very quickly. Your child might ask for more things to do other than answering textbooks. There are days that it may be slow and your kids might just need an activity boost to start schooling. I am so glad I found free downloadable printables that I can turn into enriching activities for my kids.


Here is little G lacing up one of our letter of the week theme. He said he will not enjoy this activity because it looks hard. But when I taught him how to do it, that it’s just simply going up and down and connect the yarn all around the holes, he grasped the idea and he’s so proud that he can really do it.


Β He didn’t hesitate to do another lacing activity. When his preschool brother saw him enjoying it, he enjoyed doing this activity too but with support. Will do a separate post of the things that my preschooler has enjoyed doing in our school.


To let him review counting, little G also did some pin counting and clipping them into the Number dot cards.


He also learned a little bit Geography by learning what is a World map, Globe and Compass rose. We’re planning to do lapbooks with his work so he could let his Daddy, Grandma and other friends to see it and that he could pick it easily and review his lessons.


He got to do Leaf Imprinting for his Art subject.


He enjoyed using the magnifying glass for his Science subject.


He also got to trace and write the Pledge of Allegiance. He is working on memorizing it as he recite it everyday in school.


He also enjoyed manipulating the pattern blocks into shapes of numbers, alphabets and picture art.


We got to visit the local library many times. They always have monthly show room and other fun activities for kids there.


These are a few of the books we borrowed in the library for our reading time at home.

These are a few of the things that my kids do in our homeschool. I haven’t included here the Music, Phys. Ed and other subjects we have done in real setting but we really did quite a few. I must say we’re doing better for the month of September. What’s more exciting is that my 3 year old is picking up lots of information too. I hope he can catch up quickly when his next school year start. I really don’t want to expect too much as every child has their own learning pace. Homeschooling is really a blessing primarily for kids so they can be safe and learn new wholesome activities at home and outdoors.

If you would like to download some of the free printables of the activities we tried in this post, check out Kindergarten printables here. Thank you for being a blessing in the WWW!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My kids go to public school, but those still sound like fun! I might do them with my boys!

  2. aimee fauci says:

    These are great ideas for all kids.. home or public schooled! Looks like learning is much more fun at home.. not kidding.

  3. These all look like super fun activities! I would like to do a few of these with my daughter when she’s older!

  4. Alice Chase says:

    I love the cards with paper clips to teach counting too. These manipulatives would be so helpful even whether you are home schooling or public schooling.

  5. Amber Nelson says:

    How fun! Those look like great ideas to keep kids interested!

  6. Pam says:

    My kids always loved lacing activities. They seem to learn better if there’s something hands on to do!

  7. We are fellow homeschoolers and I can testify that sometimes we get done much more quickly than others. These are all great activities.

  8. Good job Little G! I am still debating on whether I will home school or not. I have a few more years to think about it. =-)

  9. What a cutie pie!! Looks like these activities are a blast πŸ˜‰

  10. How fun. I remember doing the sewing pages when I was younger. Those were always my favorites.

  11. Chrissy Mazzocchi says:

    These look so fun to do with the kids! We don’t homeschool but they would like them to do on the weekends πŸ™‚

  12. You are doing so many fun activities! Your son looks like he’s having a great time and learning a lot!

  13. Rachelle J says:

    Those are some awesome idea for Homeschooling parents! I really love the yarn letters, I think my daughter would love to “sew” while learning!

  14. Coolchillmom says:

    This schooling make me think of the Montessori method. I think you guys have a lit of fun learning!

  15. Jeanine says:

    Such great ideas! I really wish I would have chosen the homeschooling option. Looks like a fun and fantastic way to teach and learn!

  16. These are wonderful activities. I am always looking for great learning tools for my daughter. Thanks for the share.

  17. Kori says:

    This makes me so excited to start homeschooling with my youngest. But she’s still only 10 months old.

  18. I bet it is hard to think up enough activities to keep young children busy. It’s such a geat list for other mom’s in the same situation.

  19. That’s some great hands-on stuff! I was homeschooled when I was young – I love the opportunity for creativity that it offers!

  20. Danielle Stewart says:

    Oh…I remember sewing cards. That was fun. Those look like super great ideas!! What a great job you are doing!

  21. Rosey says:

    Putting those into numbers like that looks pretty cool! I think there are great ideas here!

  22. I used to love the string “sewing” crafts as a kid. What a great creation of crafts!

  23. Amanda Love says:

    I’m really paying attention to these posts as I plan on homeschooling my toddler when the time comes. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Juliana RW says:

    Thanks for sharing the link site. Looks fun to do with our boys. Although, both of my boys go to public school.

  25. Maurene Cabrera says:

    Leaf imprinting and the pattern blocks looks really fun to do with my kids when she grows a little bit older πŸ™‚

  26. Maurene Cabrera says:

    Leaf imprinting and the pattern blocks looks really fun to do with my kids when she grows a little bit older and understand these things!

  27. I have so much respect for parents who home school! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never done as it’s not something that works best for my family. Good luck to you thought it looks like it’s going fantastic.

  28. These are really great activities!And your son is so proud of all that he has accomplished! Wonderful post!

  29. katrina g says:

    my daughter loved to do the sewing project all the time when she was little. great ideas.

  30. Sarah Bailey says:

    What some great activities I remember the stitch things from when I was a kid I used to love them! x

  31. Melissa Smith says:

    I don’t homeschool, but I do have toddler at home during the day who would love some of these activities. Especially the leaf imprinting!

  32. Bismah says:

    These look like wonderful activities! I really like when learning and fun can come together when teaching little ones.

  33. These are great ideas for home schooling. They would be great for public school kids to supplement there classes at school.

  34. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I think these would be great for kids whether they’re homeschooled or not. It can supplement what they do during regular school hours.

  35. Those look like really fun activities for homeschooling kids. I especially like the science themed activities…

  36. Farrah says:

    We homeschool our kids. My kindergartner and preschoolers would love these activities!

  37. Maggie says:

    I send all my kids to public school but I work at a library and they have such great resources for homeschoolers!

  38. Viccy Howe says:

    What a fantastic (and educational) array of activities! May I steal the idea for lacing for my 2yo? She’d love that, and a great opportunity to work on her hand co-ordination
    Thank you xx

  39. Ashley Gill says:

    I’ve thought about homeschooling before and didn’t know where to start. My daughter is loving Kindergarten so at this point we are sticking with public school. I love that you found some great resources though!

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