Great New Ideas to Showcase Your Blossoming Patriotism

When it’s a chance to show just how much you love USA, you need to be more creative than your neighbors and friends, to completely show them who’s the most patriotic. But just how do you show your patriotism? There are many holidays where it’s completely essential to get the Red and White, and Blue out or higher all over the place, like July 4, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and even Thanksgiving. These are the holidays that are probably the most US-oriented, our prime religion-free holidays. So when these come along the calendar, try one of these simple craft projects to show your patriotism with pride.

Homemade Flag


Does that really show that you cherish your country, though you can now buy a flag from the store? Were too lazy to go for it and show your true love together with the dedication of countless hours of toil for the endeavor, even though it seems to me like that means you like your country enough to get a flag. You need to get a large piece of canvas and some beautiful red, blue and white paints. Additionally you will need eyelets and grommets, available place like, so that it may be strong high on a flag pole. You almost certainly also need a flag pole. So, when it’s time to hoist that flag, let it be an amazing homemade American flag that you and your family made yourself.

Apple Pies for All


Another fun way to show your pride, especially in the fall, is always to bake a lot of delicious Apple Pies and after that give them away for free to all of your neighbors. They are going to be impressed with your persistence for the community and holidays as well as be envious of how patriotic you are. Don’t charge for these people, that’s not the giving spirit. But what is more American than Apple Pie. Nothing, will be the correct answer. You will soon be called the loving and giving neighbor who wants every family inside the neighborhood to experience a fresh apple pie. It’ll be fun, and rewarding.

Presidential Statues of Clay


Another easy way to showcase your patriotism is to make a bust of each of the 44 Presidents we’ve had in the USA. You can use clay or another soft material to make the busts of the presidents and not only will you have a great way of passing time with a fun project, but you will learn the presidents, too, which is a good way of winning trivia nights in the future. You should learn the presidents and you can probably use the internet to find out all of that stuff, and you can get a little bit of info about each one, too. Imagine 44 hilarious clay busts on your own mantle. That’ll be hilarious and patriotic!

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