Travel to Rome with family and friends

Have you considered to travel to Rome, Italy someday? My husband and I are hoping that someday we, too, could explore this beautiful city. As we all know, it is the Capital city of Italy. This world-renowned city has lots of beautiful cityscape and landscape to offer. It’s richly adorned with many exhibits and architecture that influenced the arts and culture to other cities of Italy.

Rome is an exciting place to visit with family and friends. Adult kids will learn lots of historical information, especially when seeing the Baroque and Renaissance painting, sculpture, and architecture, and young kids can enjoy science discovery in Rome’s planetarium and Civic Museum of Zoology. You can take the whole family and friends with you for more entertainment shows too, like watching marionettes and stage shows. For the techy kids, there is a place called a Technotown where you can play interactive computer games. Don’t forget to check out today with Venere online if you plan to check out the hotel prices that you can afford in your travel budget. I’m sure a one day visit is not enough so check out hotels in Rome that are near to the attractions and monuments you would like to explore. Take your time in planning and researching the places you would want to visit there and check out this post about what to do in Rome from their official website.

If ever we get to visit Rome someday, I really would not want to miss the opportunity to witness in my own eyes, the beautiful and dramatic painting and sculpture by Michaelangelo and Bernini located in St. Peter’s basilica and the Sistine chapel in Vatican city. I’m sure I’ll get goosebumps if ever I visit the Holy See. How about you, would you like to visit Rome someday? Which place would you like to visit first?

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