The 12 Day Holiday Challenge with West PA Pride

It’s important to stay active and continue a healthy lifestyle especially that the last big celebration of the year is coming up! Are you still busy in your last minute preparations? That’s nice if you do. I still have to do a few more things before Christmas day too.

christmas in downtown

Are you living in Pittsburgh area? Perhaps you’re a resident in the Northwest part of PA too? If so, you might like to join this 12 Day Holiday Challenge that is sponsored by UnitedHealthCare. I just entered to this sweepstakes today. They have been running it for a while but it’s still open for Western Pennsylvania residents for a chance to win a $25 gift card everyday, until December 24th. All you have to do is to submit a photo of yourself to for being active or healthy around the city you’re living in. Don’t miss the chance to join! Show your West PA pride. Good luck! Smiles.

And here’s a photo of me that I submitted. My hubby took this photo the other day while our family took a walk in downtown Warren to see Christmas decorations. The Christmas lights in the streets were not yet lit up in this photo but it’s really a pretty area when those lights are turned on. Also, I am happy that we got to walk there as I might not be able to do it at the end of this week and in the next weeks as I have an upcoming surgery (something to do with an abdominal mast) on the 26th.

God bless you folks! Peace and Health to you all!

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