Breast Cancer Society and its Hopes for women fighting BC

In our small world of heartbreak and friendship, of tears and laughter, and of sickness and recovery, it is most important to understand how interdependent we are on each other for survival, growth, and happiness. This concept is brought to the fore even more when a loved one is inflicted with a disease and is suddenly in need of our constant care. Today, there are many organizations that aim to assist and to alleviate the hardships of those suffering from cancer, specifically breast cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer among women, and there are over 200,000 new cases discovered every year. The disease and its treatments take a very heavy toll on its patients, and they are, therefore, very much in need of physical aid, financial assistance, and emotional support. Thankfully, there are many non-profit organizations that aim to answer the call of these women, and they have succeeded to a large extent in promoting breast cancer awareness. The breast cancer culture was created to promote awareness, raise funds for the cause, and endorse health advocacy. The standard pink ribbon logo is the international logo that declares its loyalty to the cause. One such organization whose aim is to come to the aid of those in need is The Breast Cancer Society.

The Breast Cancer Society raises money to help women suffering from cancer. They supply patients with medical aid, necessary supplies, a financial standing, at-home care, and bright rays of hope. However, the success of an organization is the expression of the community. An organization’s success is dependent on the goodwill, support and assistance of the public. It looks up to the community to help provide the funds that are necessary to assist individuals in need.

The BCS has many programs that aim to raise money for cancer patients. They actually have a store that sells charming trinkets, gifts, and t-shirts that have logos of hope and support imprinted on them. When you choose to shop at the Breast Cancer Shop, besides for enjoying your purchase, part of the proceeds will be donated to benefit the organization.

Though we can never claim to be living in a perfect, pain-free world, we can at least declare, with a certain measure of pride, that there are programs that exist to help alleviate suffering. Fortunate are the individuals who choose to take part in it.

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