Christmas Moment 2014

I know. It’s time to put away Christmas stuff and move on with the New Year. I’m going to do it either tonight or tomorrow. I also want to thank all the kind and thoughtful people who sent us Christmas cards and photo cards in December. The boys helped me in putting them around our Jesse tree in this photo. We love reading and gazing on them!


It’s our first time to make a Jesse tree. I’m so happy that we could do this new tradition for a productive Christmas. I cut a tree out of a light green fleece blanket and sew as an applique to the dark green fleece blanket. I found tons of ideas online on how to do a Jesse tree but I like this simple idea the most. We have a small space at home so a wall mounted tree in a blanket will do. The pictures were photocopied from a book and Little G colored and cut them in circles. I glued them in purple and pink papers and cut them into hanging ornaments. I used fuzzy wires to hang them on the jingle bells. This is so easy to put away as I can simply fold it and keep in the closet for the next Christmas.


I also took pictures of the boys in their nice blue suit that I sent for Christmas cards. Here’s one of them above. Aren’t they adorable? Smiles.


And here’s another camera shot of the boys with our Christmas tree with Nativity scene. Our Christmas was very simple and memorable. We’re so thankful that my surgery was a success and that everyone was staying healthy. We got to do exchanging gifts at my Mom in law’s house. The boys got a lot of presents! They are so happy. I also got to talk and greet my family in Philippines and I’m glad they are staying healthy. We got sick after New Year with some stomach bug and common flu. But now, we are feeling a lot better. There’s so many things I want to share in this blog that I wasn’t able to post in the previous months. I got a very busy schedule. I will try to take it easy, gaze at my camera’s pictures and post it here in my next posts.

If you are wondering where I got the idea on what to put on the Jesse tree, I bought this book in Amazon: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in the Domestic Church for $10.76. You can get it cheaper if used. I also got the idea of the hanging Jesse tree at

Blessings to all and have a wonderful week!

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