Happy Birthday Daddy

Look at the big smile of our Birthday celebrant this month. It’s so good to see him so happy. It sure is different feeling this time because even though our celebration was small, it was memorable, because the kids were more expressive in their birthday greetings to their Daddy.


Here’s Little G and his Daddy. Both him and his little brother, are like tails of their Daddy or they like to follow him when he’s around our house. They love their Daddy very much. In this photo, you can see the handmade banner that my kids and I made before he came home from work. I also draw three silhouette icons that my husband is a fan of. He likes computer codes and programming stuff, loves playing his grand piano and one of his favorite author is G.K. Chesterton.

He wanted it to celebrate it at his Mom’s house as he wants her present on his Natal day. She expressed that she won’t be able to climb our front steps anymore that’s why I agreed and she also agreed that we’ll celebrate it at her house. My good brother in law made us all two yummy and homemade stromboli that Hubby requested. I made a  German chocolate cake per his request.


We used big candles instead because the tiny birthday candles were nowhere to be found. Sorry for this creepy photo. This is really a birthday celebration.


Little V requested me to help his hand draw a snowman for a birthday card cover for his Daddy. He decorated blue paint dots around it.


Little G didn’t want me to help him make a birthday card for his Daddy. He said he already has one in mind. He draw this Trojan horse with a cute figure of a Trojan soldier and a gray, mighty wall of Troy. He draw another card which has Greek soldiers attacking Trojan soldiers. His Daddy was proud of him. They were into Graphic novel books lately and one of them is about the Trojan horse. That inspired him to draw this and he was sure that his Daddy will love it.


We blow party blowouts after Hubby blow the candles. They don’t make noise but everyone sure enjoyed it.


Here’s little V learning how to blow a party blowout.


He really enjoyed it and even decided to blow two of them at the same time.

Hope you enjoy our pictures!

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