Postcard from Locks of Love

A few days ago, I received a beautiful postcard from Locks of Love. I feel excited that one of their recipient will benefit from the hair that I sent to them.

This is my first time to do a hair donation to them. I wasn’t even sure if they will accept my hair. They have their standards in checking the quality of hair. I’m relieved to know that they finally received it. Smiles.

Before mailing, I went to the Locks of Love website and printed their Donation form. It is best to wrap your hair with plastic wrap before putting it inside the mailing envelope along with the form. My envelope’s size is about the size of a Flat rate express mail envelope although I didn’t use one from the post office. I just made an envelope on my own. I wrote my address and the address of Locks of Love in it. I weighed the envelope in my food scale which is in ounce and calculated the stamps that I have to include in mailing it. If you want to mail your locks of hair to them, you can send it to their address at: Locks of Love, 234 Southern Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33405.

How about you, have you tried donating hair to Locks of Love too?

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