Why It’s Curtains for Homes with Pets and Drapes

For decades curtains used to be most of our window treatments of choice. They were seen draping across the majority of windows across the country and for a long time, there were no qualms about this.

Then, came the influx of blinds. These are products which are regarded as being much more versatile when compared to curtains, so the market gradually shifted because of this. In terms of the typical pet owner, as the bulk of this article is targeting, there is absolutely no doubt that blinds trump curtains – as we’ll now find out.

First and foremost, cats and dogs aren’t always the cute, fluffy companions that a lot of non-pet-owners might be led to believe. In other words, they’re not always perfect and in this first example we’ll hone in on, they can create a mess. Particularly in winter, following a long walk through the mud, it’s not uncommon for your pet to unleash the whole of the walk over your interior.


In the case of curtains, the above example is an absolute disaster. Like it or not, curtains just aren’t maintenance-free. When any speck of dirt becomes attached to them, it’s time to haul them down, push them through the washing machine, dry them, iron them before finally hanging them back up. Suffice to say, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the above process is tedious, time-consuming and just a pain in the you-know-what.

This is the primary reason why blinds are so popular amongst pet owners. The vast majority of these products can be cleaned with a simple wipe off a cloth – there’s absolutely no need to pull them down or take any further wholesale action. They are the definition of maintenance-free, and that’s exactly what the owner of a pet needs in the middle of winter.

We’ll also move onto another issue; the dreaded hairs that your feline and canine companions leave behind. These will stick to absolutely any fabric that they come into contact with, but when you have a set of blinds set up (constructed from a tough material at least) you no longer need to worry.

Next, we’re going to move onto safety. While blinds have captured the headlines for their cords, curtains also happen to be operated by strings even though they are a little more discreet. It means that cats in particular are in danger and rather than putting Felix through such risks, a cordless blind product will immediately prevent the unthinkable from happening.

Already, the reasons are starting to mount over why blinds are now generally preferred over curtains for pet owners. It’s not just about keeping a squeaky clean house, it also relates to their safety and minimizing all of the hazards that windows can prompt. As such, if you are in two minds about your next window treatment, take these factors into consideration. They might save you a lot of time and heartbreak in the future.

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