Blinds: How This Industry Has Quietly Become Technologically Advanced

The technology magazines are beside themselves at the latest tablets, phones – even thermostatic devices. It means that there is little room for any other devices to emerge and as such, some go completely unnoticed. As you’ve probably already guessed, we’re focusing on blinds right now.

Blinds and technology might seem like one of the biggest miss-matches you’ve even heard of. However, if you have been part of the industry, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Some of the advancements within window treatments are have changed lives – and that’s not some gross exaggeration.

We’ll start with one of the biggest advancements in technology; the motorized blind. This is probably what everyone is expecting, after all, it relies on a motorized system. The fact that we can now dictate exactly what time natural sunlight is permitted into our property is bordering on the unbelievable, particularly when some systems allow this to be manipulated from the other side of the world, via our smart phones.

Perhaps even more incredibly is the fact that in some cases, motorized blinds don’t even tap into electricity. Some are powered by solar energy, meaning that the financial and energy savings offered by these devices are quite amazing.
Advancements in this field don’t always revolve around a motor though, some just revolve around materials and how they have been developed. For example, let’s take a look at the solar shade. This is based on a material that blocks out the majority of UV rays, and subsequent heat, but allows light into a building. It’s solved one of the biggest room-temperature and natural light problems that most of us have ever had – all through some special material that has been formed.

Sometimes it’s just the physical design of these materials though. We’re now referring to insulated shades, which are designed in a cellular shape to “lock” heat into a room. Again, it’s all about solving one of the homeowner’s biggest problems through an intelligent design – it’s a method of insulation that is built into one of our core fittings.

From a safety perspective, blinds have answered some of the design faults that once blighted the industry’s reputation. Whether or not you would call this technology is debatable, but it can certainly be classed as a smart advancement that has changed people’s perceptions on the products and made them much more desirable. Following a lot of tragedies involving children and blind cords, manufacturers have now created products that don’t have any cord whatsoever – they’re manipulated without any strings attached (there’s no pun there, honest).

As you can see, we’re just scratching the surface here and taking a look at some of the big advancements that are donning the blinds industry. They might not revolve around the latest processor (well, we’re not sure what goes into those motorized systems actually), but if you are shopping for a new window treatment don’t just settle for one of the traditional options. Start to realize that technology is attacking all areas of your home, not just your home office and living room.

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