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Scotch Thermal Laminator Review

I love using this laminator to laminate my manuals in cake designing. I almost thought of buying one that is $30 bucks more than this one but I’m glad I settled on buying this after reading mixed reviews. It’s a great tool for homeschoolers as well for it can laminate lessons for your kids, your own recipes and in preserving kids precious drawings and more!


Here’s what I really like about this laminator:

Fun Paper Dalek Model For Kids Craft

Who’s a big fan of Dr. Who? Raise your hands! We have been watching the early series of Dr.Who lately. We have seen quite a few Dr.Who’s and among them are: William Hartnel, Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy & David Tennant.


My kids have been very fanatic of the Dr.’s oldest villains, the Daleks. And so, the Daddy found some free printables online to create their first paper model of the Dalek Red Domed commander.… read more »

Backyard Snow Friends

We had fun in the snow and in our backyard last week. My kids and I finally built our snow friends! Yeah, they are snowman alright! They are shorter than us and they are so cute!

We built them for 2 days as we can’t stay longer in the snow. It’s very cold. I remember the first day that we made it was in the single digit. We just filled up our buckets with packed snow, put it upside down… read more »

Making Rudolf Pops And Choco Truffles

Hi everyone! Just want to share this fun and sweet goodies to you all! My kids and I made a batch of rudolf pops and choco truffles. These are all no bake sweets so it is less stressful. I also have no troubles in melting the candy discs in making this cute goodies!


As for the Rudolf pops, I used nutter butter cookies, M&M’s, pretzels and white pearl candy sprinkles. And for the choco truffles, I just used a pack… read more »

Making Fudge Wreathes And Stained Glass Jello

Happy New Year everyone! Amazing that it’s now the first day for the year 2014. Where has time gone by in 2013? A lot of things has happened but thank God we survived for the New Year, alright? I made two kinds of fudge wreathes and a stained glass/broken glass jello for dinner sweets. Christmas is not yet over in our household as Epiphany is still coming up.


The fudge flavors are made from milk and white chocolates plus butterscotch… read more »

Making A Christmas Advent Wreath

This is my first time to make a Christmas advent wreath. I made it a few days before the second Sunday of Advent. It is 25 inches in diameter after the excitement of adding lots of leafy coniferous leaves in it.


Our family tradition every Christmas is to put up a Christmas tree and a Nativity scene. I tried something new this year which is to put up an Advent wreath so kids will understand why we’re celebrating Christmas. You… read more »

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