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    The difference between a leader and a model is that one endeavors tointroduce talents, and the other one tries to work hard. The introducing oftalents and training of successors make it become a leader and a successor ofall levels.
           The company’s successor naturally generates from the process ofcollective struggle, the staff and managers at all levels. The company appointpeople on their merit.
           The standard of talents, judging by the company, is both ability andintegrity.

           1)high professionalism: theoverall situation, the cardinal, the responsibility of a company’s development, the strong sense of professionalism, a smooth combination of high sense’sresponsibility and a peace of mind.
           2)Proper values: integrity,selflessness, fair; advocating “no pain, no gain”, despising greedy; believingthat their efforts will obtain justly reward.
           3)Teamwork: attention to the overallsituation; with team spirit, not only concerning about personal interests.



    Salary package

    Five social insurance and one

    Housing fund

    Holiday benefits

    Year-end bonuses

    Various subsidies

    Bonus incentive

    Performance bonus

    Excellent employee bonus

    Various incentive bonuses


    Staff canteen

    Shuttle bus

    Annual physical examination

    Employee activity

    Annual tour

    Outdoor Development

    Team building activities

    Holiday event

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