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    Soft Foam

    Soft Foam


    Characteristic:Continuous or discontinuous production of block foam silicone oil, foam can be various densities

    Scope of application:Sofa, block foam, etc.

    Performance advantage:

    1. This product is a high-efficiency silicon surfactant with a wide process latitude and is used for the production of flexible polyurethane foam.
    2. The dosage should be adjusted according to the formula, usually 1-3% of the weight of the polyol.
    3. It is a formula specifically aimed at using carbon dioxide or dichloromethane as a foaming agent.
    4. It is strongly recommended to formulate pure PPG polyol (OH=56), low and ultra-low density (5-18kg/m3).
    5. It can obtain excellent stability under highly unstable formula, while maintaining a good performance and air permeability of the cell, wide process tolerance, low decay and minimal density change.

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