Calendar time in December, November, October and January

We’re almost to the end of the second quarter in our homeschooling. We had some sick days in the first week of January and also, Mama teacher has to take it easy as she needs to recuperate after her surgery.


Here’s what our calendar time look like in December.

It’s been my fourth week now after the surgery and the doctor said I can start lifting things. I’m glad I didn’t have to worry so much in washing laundry and washing dishes because my hubby has it in control. My job now is to sort and fold the clean clothes which I can get help sometimes with my two boys when they are not busy playing, reading or after homeschool. When the boys were sick, they never miss anything in this Calendar time. We also do Catechism and play music in our collection of CDs. After that, I let them curl under their blanket or just be in bed to rest.


Here’s what our November calendar time look like. I printed the turkeys and Little G cut the squares of numbers and put them, one date at a time, in their respective day of the week.


He also makes a calendar on his own in a separate paper. We also do the charting of what the weather looks like outside in school days. He got to know which weather has the most and less per month after counting each shaded box.


Here’s what our October calendar time look like. I printed the pumpkins with numbers. I am so disappointed that many of my pictures in October to November got deleted because my Eyefi SD card got crumbly. It is easily damaged compared to my other SD cards. I thought I got a good deal of that card because of its Wifi feature, but NO. I will never buy that same brand again.


And here’s what our recent Calendar time look like for January. I printed the snowman with numbers.

Idea Alert: If you are wondering where I got the blue and colorful Calendar set, I got that on sale at a Michaels store nearby. I’m sure one could get creative in just using poster boards and draw/print pictures for the year, months, days, date numbers, seasons and weather. You might like to read my first post about the Calendar time we have in September here. There’s more you can do than just simply inserting numbers in the calendar. You can create a song about the the months, days of the week, seasons, weather and so on. You can check out more ideas in this daily activity sheets for free personal use at online. She has tons of homeschool and school ideas in her blog. I am using her free printables for personal use only. As for the pencil graphic art with the numbers 2015 in it, I got that from a free download online too. You can get it here: Pencil clip art and again, read the owner’s terms. Most of those free printables online are free for you to use as long as you are not duplicating them orĀ  selling their work to others. Most of them are for your personal use only. After you download it, you can edit it in your Paint software, add white numbers 2015 in it, and print it for your homeschool use. I edited mine in Photoshop.

I’m excited to see what other homeschool and school calendar time look like. If you have one, don’t hesitate to share your blog post here!

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