Programming Creative juice for holiday vacation

With the Holiday vacation on our heads, some of us just want to unwind from our busy works and just bond with our family and loved ones. Yeah, set aside that laundry and cleaning stuff for a while and just relax. Also, there are some people who just want to get their creative juices going. There’s nothing wrong with either relaxing or just do more creative stuff as long as you are enjoying your vacation days, right?

I talked to my hubby and I kept asking how was the code for the church calendar wheel going. He showed it to me in his computer one day and to my surprise he has done the color codes using javascript and other programming stuff in a calendar format. I told him, I want the wheel version of it and he said that will take a while as he has to find the right codes to transfer everything in a wheel. For those of you who wanted to know what a church calendar wheel look like. It has the big events in it, like how many days are there in a year to celebrate Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, Holy days of obligation, Ordinary days and others. Each of those events has color codes of what the priest will wear. Also, there’s so many things to prepare before actually going to church. And to a family like us who has the church as the center of all the communities we’re active, it is important for me to be involved deeply there and also to be organized for my kids and family.

I recently, learned that there is this Android app from Chupamobile that will help creative people who wants to become an instant App developer. It is really for people who have computer programming creative juices or to those people who likes to find income in creating new games, organizing tool and others from ready-made app tools. I am not even sure if I can make one for myself but I’m pretty sure this will help my husband to get his computer programming a little easier. I will pass this information to him and to everyone who wants to be App builders in their smartphones. Good Luck!

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