Winner of the Lionel Santa Fe train set

My son just won this beautiful Lionel Santa Fe train set. He is so happy! He’s one lucky boy. Smiles.



There was this one particular house that has a very impressive display of train sets in their attic. What’s so cool about it was that the owner switched on everything the whole day. When we entered the house, we know he has lots of trains because we hear lots of train noise coming up stairs.

He had a son who was encouraging everyone who stopped by and see their display to sign up in their sheet as they are giving away a Lionel Santa Fe train set.


My husband and kids enjoyed their time looking around, talking and asking questions to him. I took pictures and I thank him for letting us see his collection and I told him that he has a very creative display.

One friend told us that there were a few more train collectors that time that were opening their doors for people to peak their train display. We went to a second house and that other guy had a wonderful train display too. We wish we started early morning to see other houses with their train displays but we’ll just have to keep that in mind next open house event.



Here’s a cute close up of the Santa Fe Lionel train. It’s nice that they added two train drivers inside. Little V said that’s him and his older brother Little G.

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