Winter weather advisory and driving safety

It was this Sunday that I read in the news that Winter Storm Juno is going to hit the Northeast coast of US. For two days, it has been very gray and snowing outside. Today, our local news is saying that we are under “Winter Weather Advisory” until Friday. We will also have a couple of days that the temperature is going to drop to single digits to zero Fahrenheit.

It’s important to be ready at all times during winter and winter storms. It’s dangerous especially when you are in the road. All residents rely for heating and safety when they are in their home and office. But most people work, and the dangers most likely occur when you are in the road. As I understand it, when your area is under Winter Weather advisory, it doesn’t mean that it has the same high warnings to places where Winter storm occur. Snow, freezing rain or sleet can still occur while you are in the road.

Here are a some tips that we did for winter driving safety. We make sure we got studded wheels for our car. The company where my husband bought our tires said that we should get 4 new studded wheels than just 2 on a front wheel drive. They said they will get liable if we get into accidents when just having 2 studded wheels. One of the things I learned lately in winter driving is never to spin your front wheel drive very fast when you are in a slippery road. Try to slowly release your gas pedal and drive your wheels to a crawl. Store warm, thick blanket throws in your vehicle’s trunk at all times. If you’ll get stuck somewhere, you  have at least your vehicle for warmth and extra blankets for more warmth and cozy inside while waiting for help. Throw in there a shovel and a bag of sand. The shovel will help you dig out snow away from your tires and the sand will help for traction in your wheels. You can also store some snacks like energy bars and water for emergency food and drink.

Prayers to all who have high warnings in the recent winter storm. Stay alert and safe when driving!

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