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Our Family Halloween 2011

We celebrated our Halloween a little different this year. We attended a Filipino Kids party. This new Filipina friend, had one of her baby’s first birthday and baptismal celebration last Sunday. There was a Halloween costume party theme for the kids. The birthday celebrant is wearing a baby princess costume. Her other siblings were dressed in princess costume too. And her cake has a pink princess theme in it. Soo cute!

mommy and mr.vMe and Mr. V.

Mr. V was being passed… read more »

Mommy and me: More pics with the puzzles

Here is another set of pictures I took last Friday. I shared the video here: Mr. G and Where’s my tail puzzles. He saw the puzzle box today and kept on pointing at it that he wants it. He loved it. Puzzle toys are all time favorites for kids. The 3 main benefits that your child will learn from puzzles are problem solving, hand and eye coordination and confidence.

mel cole and mr.g read more »

Mr.G and Wheres my tail puzzle video

I thought of sharing with you guys some milestone that my toddler achieved lately. He might be slow in his learning abilities as everyone says, boy kids learns late than girl kids. He is 2 years and 4 months old as of today. I thought this simple puzzle solving is cool. I noticed it is hard to get his attention when teaching specific things like the ABC’s and the 123’s, so I try to shift his learning abilities into pictures… read more »

Mommy Moments: Dear Mom

Mommy Moments hosted by Mommy Chris is sharing about letters to our Moms and the letters that our kids gave us during mother’s day. My toddler doesn’t know how to write yet but I remember he gave me a kiss during mother’s day this year. Maybe because I taught him how to kiss. Anyhow, I will also share a letter to my Mama.

Dear Mama,

I thank God for having you as my Mother. I feel blessed for having lived… read more »

Quality time as a family

I wrote last Friday that I was planning to have a picnic on the weekend for my family in the park nearby our house. But then the weather was wet that Saturday, still it did not stop us to explore outside together. I told my husband, we should be doing this more often now, rain or shine, as there will be no good weather like this during winter. It seems it has been a craving for me to go outside… read more »

Mommy moments: Here comes the baby

Good day folks! It is always a great feeling when Friday is here. It means time to rest from work loads of the week starting tonight for those who work outside their homes and time to enjoy more family bonding for us stay at home moms. Looks like we are going to have a high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow so I wish my family and I could do some barbequing and picnic in the nearby park with playground for… read more »

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Mel-blog-author Mel is the Mom to two boys. She started blogging since 2008 and loves to take pictures, read and write. She's been writing about her adventures on homemaking, art crafts and more. She does product review and giveaways.

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