Sixteenth day in Syracuse

July 20, 2011

Monday it is again. We went to the hospital and I gave Vince his feeding starting 12:00 noon. Doctor has not appeared yet so we ate dinner together at the cafeteria and I went back for 3:00 PM feeding. Met the Doctor at last, and I asked how did the car seat observation went. She said baby Vince passed. I smiled. But she continued that he will still stay for a couple more days in the hospital… read more »

Fifteenth day in Syracuse

July 19, 2011

I was able to feed baby Vince in a row starting 3:00 PM yesterday to 3:00PM today. That is equal to 9 feedings in a row. Nurse praised me for a job well done and that I was strong to feed him that long time in the hospital. I said, I did it because it is necessary and if only we are at home, it would have been easier. But then he has to be monitored with… read more »

Fourteenth day in Syracuse

July  18 , 2011

My plan pushed through that I will stay one night in the hospital to feed baby Vince in multiple feedings in a row. We went there around 2:00 PM so I could get in to the NICU and start the first feeding of the day. But the Doctor came in and he asked if we are planning to circumcise Vince. I said yes, my husband and I decided it. So he said he will proceed… read more »

Teach kids how to love others: Provide opportunity

I just read interesting tips on how to teach kids to love others from a parenting magazine.  Our little guy can only do limited things for now especially the ones he understands the most. We taught him how to fetch things to us in a way that he is not forced to do it but his initiative in doing it really shows as he really get it and give it to you properly. I remember seeing him handing some… read more »

Mommy Moments: Dear Mom

Mommy Moments hosted by Mommy Chris is sharing about letters to our Moms and the letters that our kids gave us during mother’s day. My toddler doesn’t know how to write yet but I remember he gave me a kiss during mother’s day this year. Maybe because I taught him how to kiss. Anyhow, I will also share a letter to my Mama.

Dear Mama,

I thank God for having you as my Mother. I feel blessed for having lived… read more »

Pregnancy changes in the third trimester

I am excited that I am now in my third trimester in my second pregnancy. I am looking forward to meet my baby after 10 weeks. Time flies by so quickly. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms at last. Many of us can’t wait to see what he looks like and I am sure George gets excited when he sees the actual baby. So much so, I noticed lots of changes in me lately. I read more… read more »

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